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10 Reasons Why Being A Political Science Major Is Rad At Hofstra

10 Reasons Why Being A Political Science Major Is Rad At Hofstra

Be proud of your choice for a major, especially if it is a Political Science major! Here's why you should take pride in your choice!

When it comes to their major, everyone should take pride in their choice! Some people don’t understand why some not-so-common majors are so appreciated. Here are 10 reasons why being a Political Science major is rad!

10 reasons why being a political science major is rad

Everyone turns to you when it comes to the latest news.

Many times people have come to me and asked me to explain to them what was just shown on the news. To be honest, it makes you feel a little powerful. Also, what’s more fun than sharing your knowledge with other people?


When it comes to elections, people ask you who you believe is the best fit!

You will be one of the first people to go to to during elections. You will have the power to influence people’s decisions whilst sharing your knowledge of the candidate’s political agenda. If they follow your advice, then the odds are they might vote for the same candidate. People will depend on you to give them a right answer or a legitimate reason as to why they should vote for a certain candidate.

You go on cool field trips in college!

You read that right, cool field trips. Many colleges will give their political science students the opportunity to go to D.C. at least once during school year. I thought field trips ended in high school so how cool does going on field trips in college sound?!

10 reasons why being a political science major is rad


You’re going to most likely intern for a candidate of any governmental office at least once in your college career.

When it comes to internship hunting for a political science major, you most likely will get to intern with a political candidate !

There’s a lot of connections!

Even if you don’t have previous connections, you’ll make some so don’t feel discouraged! In the political world, you will meet someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the president! Whether you like the president in office or not, it’s so cool meeting people who have that connection!

You, yourself, have a good chance of running and actually getting into any office one day!

It’s true, you know everything about politics and the government! Who else would America want to lead the country?


Politics is basically a part everything!

Politics is an essential component to business, everyday life, education and so on! People don’t realize it but politics are extremely important to understand. So if you are a political science major, you’re already 10 steps ahead of everyone!

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People take you seriously when you talk.

I’m telling you, even professors take you very seriously. Political Science majors are taught to talk eloquently. We have to influence the people after all, so strong communication skills are extremely important!


You possess extensive knowledge of current affairs!

This might seem a little biased but it is partially true! Political Science majors need to understand almost everything or certain aspects of everything in order to serve the community they live in or to find a solution for a conflict!

We are the future of America!

Who knows, we might become the mayor of a city, the governor of a state or the president of the United States. In any case, people will depend on us to improve the societal and economic spheres in the United States.

Being a Political Science major isn’t always appreciated as it should be. So if you are reading this and you are a political science major, thumbs up for being great and choosing the raddest major out there! America depends on us!


Do you agree that being a Political science major is rad? Let us know in the comments section below!

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