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Why Acne Doesn’t Make You Any Less Beautiful

Why Acne Doesn’t Make You Any Less Beautiful

Why Acne Doesn't Make You Any Less Beautiful

Whether you’re breaking out from stress, your period, or suffer from chronic acne, you might be feeling less than beautiful. However, there are multiple reasons why having acne shouldn’t and doesn’t make you any less stunning than you are. Here are a few of them.

Nobody has perfect skin, and everyone gets pimples

Despite what you might see on Instagram, nobody has perfect skin. The media heavily doctors the photos we see online; almost everyone airbrushes their pictures so that their face looks flawless. If you feel insecure about your own because everyone around you seems to have flawless skin, don’t be. And even if you do happen to be gifted with good skin, you’re bound to suffer from a breakout or two once in a while. Between getting your period, work stress, and just living life, breaking out is inevitable and shouldn’t be something that gets you down. You can’t look perfect 24/7 and certainly shouldn’t expect to, or hold yourself to standards that are impossible to keep up with.

Why Acne Doesn’t Make You Any Less Beautiful

Society has conditioned us into thinking spots are ugly

Because every image we are fed is of a model with unblemished skin, we start to think that that’s the norm. We believe that we have to live up to what we see in the media when nothing is further than the truth. If we were being shown un-Photoshopped pictures, or images of models without makeup, the standards we have for ourselves would be drastically different. Ask yourself why you think acne is ugly; is it because you truly believe that, or because everyone and everything around you is telling you that? However, things are starting to change; celebrities and influencers alike are beginning to speak out about their acne struggles, honestly sharing unfiltered pictures of their skin to show the average person that they aren’t alone.

Why Acne Doesn’t Make You Any Less Beautiful

Acne doesn’t change the features of your face

If anything I’ve been saying still hasn’t appeased to you, let’s take a moment and think about this logically. You have a face; everyone does. And the features of your face are what make you, you. If you love how you look without acne, what does adding in a few spots do to drastically change your overall appearance? Your core features are still there. Your lips, nose, and eyes still exist just as beautifully as they would if you had perfect skin. Blemishes don’t take away from your natural beauty whatsoever. You’re still you, even if you happen to be breaking out or suffer from chronic acne. Red, black, or yellow spots are just that; spots on your skin.

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Why Acne Doesn’t Make You Any Less Beautiful

At the end of the day, beauty comes from within

If you’re still feeling down about your acne, and nothing I said has appealed to you, think about this. Someone can be stereotypically “beautiful;” have perfect skin, a perfectly symmetrical face, and body to die for. But that same person could be so ugly on the inside, that none of their outward features even matter. At the end of the day, the qualities that matter most aren’t tangible. How smart, kind, compassionate, and a million other things you are matter insurmountably more than the state of your skin. Also; literally anything can look good if you have the confidence to match it. You could have the worst acne in the world and be wearing a paper bag, but if you carry yourself confidently and with pride, you’ll pull it off better than anyone could.

Hopefully something I said has made you feel slightly better about your skin if you’re feeling down about having acne. Don’t let what you see in the media make you believe that you’re any less beautiful than you truly are. Have any of your own ways to overcome insecurity about acne? Comment below!

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