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14 Wholesome Cat Posts That We All Just Need Right Now

14 Wholesome Cat Posts That We All Just Need Right Now


There is no better cure than wholesome cat posts to cheer you up on a bleak day.  They’re fluffy, they’re innocent (sometimes), and most of all, they’re cute. Cats provide the world with the warm fuzzy feelings we all just need sometimes. Whatever they’re doing – stretching, sitting in a box, needlessly knocking objects off counters – it’s good for humanity.

I Heart It

Are you squeeing yet? He has a heart on his wittle tummy furs! It is practically a sign from the cosmos that he landed in his owner’s arms. Fate is sending them love from above to down below. Cat posts don’t get much more wholesome than this. This kitty may not replace his owner’s two elderly cats, but he will certainly help. I’m not crying, you’re crying.



Now that is what relaxation looks like. I’ll have what she’s having. She looks the most comfortable she’s ever been – more than even a cat on catnip! It just goes to show that even during times like this, we can and should still enjoy the little comforts in life. Not to mention, look at how fluffy that carpet is! I’d be rolling around in it too. Live your best life!

Even Dads Need Cats

It’s always the grumpy goofs that kitties love the most. I don’t know about you, but I love when self-proclaimed non-cat people turn out to be cat-people. Good job, kitty. It’s pretty clear why he changed his mind when you see this cute tabby. This little guy wants all the love in the room and Dad is happy to give it. Just make sure you’re sneaky about catching the lovin’ on camera or they might turn back into stone!


Winner Winner Keto Dinner

This cat is super impressed by their owner’s keto dinner. Look at that face – “For me? You shouldn’t have!” it says. Can you blame her? That dinner is quite a remarkable plate of greens. After a bit of digging, it appears this kitty’s name is Cersei and she loves popcorn, French fries, and junk food. No doubt the sight of those cheesy burgers made her day. All I can say is, I hope Cersei got some cheeseburger that night!


Congrats, Leon

He’s a Cattorney at Paw. It all just makes me wonder – did he need to pass the BAR? Did he test positive for nip? What is his specialty? Laser pointers? Is he a feline advocat? In all seriousness, Leon is breaking the glass ceiling for kitties in law everywhere. One thing is for sure, you don’t just want to retain this cat. You want him to make full purrtner.

Rainbow Kitty

This feline is taking a good old break from their hard work of creating a masterpiece on the sidewalk. Either that or they decided to roll around in their owner’s work, slutting it up for attention (“What’s this you’re doing? It certainly isn’t you giving me pets.”). Or maybe they just wanted to try and help out their person by spicing up the piece with their fur! Either way, we are grateful for it.


Maximum Power

What better use of a support column could there be? All it needs it a little shelf or ledge on top so it can become a destination pole. This kitty named Amira loves her brand-new giant hemp rope cat post. She looks like a fluffy forest warrior scaling a redwood tree. A maximum effort equals maximum power. Amira is a god-kitty on this pole.


Bless You

Maybe it is not that fair since if we sneezed in one of our selfies it would be instantly deleted – but I am so glad they didn’t delete this one because it is hilarious. Is it because it looks more like a demon possession than a sneeze? Or because it reminds me of blurry drunken selfies at the club? Either way, this photo gives me life.

Low-Key Terrifying

I can’t tell if this modified cat bed is adorable or terrifying. The two googly eyes are made from ping pong balls and a sharpie. The “monster” looks so happy that it gets to eat cute kitties! And the cats look so happy lurking in the darkness! Am I in love or am I scared? Both? Is it possible a cat post is giving me a complex wave of emotions I wasn’t prepared for? Now that’s quality content.


Someone Give That PetSmart An Award

This is quite possibly the most wholesome post on the internet. The kitten was brought into a Petco during a hurricane storm and the staff used a tube sock to create a little sweater for her…I’m dying. It’s a SOCK. The kitty is safe and in a SOCK. This kitten and her tale (or should I say tail) of survival is a fashion icon.

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Na na na na na na na na, BATCAT! Or is it catman? Think about it: have you ever seen this cat and batman in the same room at the same time? This kitty is high on the catnip of justice. He’s the hero we need, but clearly don’t deserve. He is vengeance. He is the night. He is…how did he get on top of the door?


What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

First-time moms can have a myriad of different reactions – laughing, crying, shock – but this mommy is staring at her ultrasound in total horror. “He swore he used purrtection! Are you kitten me?” This girl has the nerve to look shocked. Her face says she doesn’t know how that happened, but we know how that happened. She really is pretending to be surprised right now, and her face is priceless. “I can explain, I swear!”

Beefy Boi

“You might be this big right now, but this is how fat you COULD be,” Thankfully is not what that sign says. This beefy boi is getting the talk today about how he is in fact not big-boned or a small lion. The sad part is he will no longer believe he is a strong winter bear putting on a nice pudgy coat for survival. Like all of us, he may have to take a harder look at his life and his choices.


This Cat Is A Sith Confirmed

If this cat doesn’t have superpowers after touching that, he should. He could have the plasma paws to save or destroy us all. His beans have been supercharged by the power of the dark side. He has…unlimited power (cue dramatic music).


What are your favorite cat posts? Post them below!

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