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Who You Should Stay The Hell Away From Based Off Your Zodiac

Who You Should Stay The Hell Away From Based Off Your Zodiac

You can save yourself a lot of time and BS if you just know which zodiac signs to stay away from. Here we go! 

1. Gemini and Virgo 

Though both of these signs are known for their intelligence, there are other aspects of their personalities that unfortunately do not mesh. A Gemini is often flighty, unreliable, and moody while a Virgo is often worried and overly critical of others. Obviously, these traits do not interact well with each other because the careless and reckless nature of a Gemini will cause a Virgo to panic and/or over think, while the precise and practical nature of a Virgo will frankly put a Gemini to sleep. Of course, there’s a lot of great qualities about both of the signs, but unfortunately, they don’t bring out those attributes in each other at all. 


2. Taurus and Sagittarius 

As the bull, it should come as no surprise that Tauruses may be a little bit (ok a lot of bit) stubborn. On the flip side though, they are very reliable and practical, which can be amazing in a relationship and/or friendship, but not with a Sagittarius. Unlike a Taurus who is strong willed, a Sagittarius usually keeps an open mind about the world. Once a Sagittarius notices this stubbornness in a Taurus, it will discourage them from having a healthy conversation or debate because the Sagittarius knows since it’s not going anywhere, it will just frustrate them in the end. 

3. Capricorn and Aries

Capricorn are widely known for their ambition, drive, and yearning for perfection. Because they possess these qualities, Capricorns often make great leaders, teachers, and politicians; however, in a close friendship or relationship with an Aries, these qualities can prove to cause some problems. Capricorns are goal-oriented, and as so, the short tempered and impatient nature of an Aries will not make sense to them. A Capricorn does not understand the inclination to make impulsive decisions as Aries frequently do, and this will ultimately cause a tension. 


4. Scorpio and Leo 

Scorpios are known for being courageous, sensual, and passionate while a Leo is known for being creative, passionate, and humorous. Yes, the two overlap in their zeal for life, but for the most part, there is not much in common with these two signs. Scorpios have little tolerance for passive people, and unfortunately, passiveness is a staple of Leos’ personalities. Leos can be lazy and inflexible, and sometimes, this can cause Scorpios do be distrusting of them. In short, if a Leo is texting their Scorpio friend/partner that they are home watching TV, a Scorpio is creating an entire lie in their heads about what they’re actually doing. Cheating, maybe? 

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5. Aquarius and Pisces: 

Aquarius and Pisces are one of the worst zodiac pairings of all time; if you’re an Aquarius, a Pisces is who you should stay the hell away from based off your zodiac this calendar year (or lifetime). An Aquarius tends to run from emotional expression and seem aloof, while a Pisces is essentially defined by his/her sensitive and gentle nature. Because Pisces are characterized by their empathy, the distant and less emotional side of Aquarius will confuse and sadden them. If the two of them go to see a movie together, one of them will definitely be crying and the other definitely won’t— not much wiggle room there. But on an even greater scale, Pisces will be way more openly affected by life than an Aquarius who will just brush things under the rug. 

6. Libra and Cancer: 

 Libras and Cancer don’t get along at all because Libra loves meeting new people while a Cancer shies away from any interaction with strangers. A Libra is likely to walk into an elevator and strike a conversation while a Cancer will keep to themselves, making them one of the hardest zodiacs to get to know. Because of this difference in personalities, Libras will feel pulled down by Cancers and Cancers will feel stressed out by Libras who are always dragging them to the next social event. If you’re a Libra, Cancers are who you should stay the hell away from based off your zodiac!


Is there anyone else you think you should stay away from based off your zodiac? Comment below!

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