Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs

College and our twenties are a period of our lives where we do a lot of soul-searching and figuring out who we are and who we want to be. One thing that can help is taking the Myers-Briggs type (or 16 Types) personality test to figure out just what it is you value and how you show it, based on whether or not you’re more (I)ntroverted or (E)xtroverted; (S)ensing or i(N)tuitive; (T)hinking or (F)eeling; (J)udging or (P)erceiving.

If you haven’t discovered your Myers-Briggs type yet, here’s a great free resource to do so. 

When it comes to relationships and Myers-Briggs there are a lot of opinions on who you should date…like, a lot of opinions, but never fear: here is a list that should at least help keep you from dating an ENFP when you’re an ISTJ.* Whew.

*Even just knowing your partner’s personality type is enough to help you understand each other, why you butt heads and how you can work on yourselves to make things work… but here are some ideal matches, and why they work.


ENTJ’s love a plan, and INTJ’s love achieving goals, so together you can expect to work towards making each other your endgame. With an ENTJ’s high-energy and tendency towards improving and working on the relationship with the one they’re with, INTJ’s can expect a well-organized scheduled dating life, with seemingly spontaneous surprises planned out well in advance. ENTJ’s can expect INTJ’s to be on top of their game, at least, at first, but the sooner both parties are able to grow more flexible and relaxed together, the happier you’ll both be.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs


ISTJ’s are all about tradition, even in their relationships. While to the outside world, it may seem like they’re not as emotionally available or invested in romance their partners will soon learn that’s not the case. ESTP’s, on the other hand, are spontaneous and excitable balances to the ISTJ’s and their familiar routines. Outgoing and ready for the next great adventure, ESTP’s will bring their new partners with them on a journey they soon won’t forget.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs


Flexible and unique, INTP’s are willing to try just about anything once, which makes them the ideal partner for ENTP’s, who are always ready for something shiny and new. Optimistic ENTP’s will bring their INTP partners along with them on this journey we call life, helping to show them the bright side when INTP’s get overwhelmed. Together, you can bet that this pairing is ready to face the world.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs


ISTP’s can be known to run hot and cold: one second they’re spontaneous and fun, and the next they’re detached and distant…luckily their ideal partner is the dependable ESTJ who can be counted on no matter what mood the ISTP is in. ESTJ’s just have to watch their own tendency to take control of everything sometimes and let their partner do some of the deciding, and then they’ll both find that companionship they’ve both been looking for.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs


Is there a type more inclined to hopeless romanticism than INFP’s? It’s a good thing for them that their ideal partner is an ENFJ, a type that’s likely to help bring some of that wish fulfillment into their lives with little exciting displays of affection here and there to remind them how much they care. INFP’s have high expectations and can be easily disappointed if they don’t communicate this, but luckily ENFJ’s and their harmony-driven attitudes are the perfect people to talk about these things with, ensuring they both have a chance at true love.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs


INFJ’s are like onions…they have layers. It can take a little while to get to know them, but luckily, their ideal match, ENFP’s, are more than up to the task. It can be difficult for the outgoing ENFP’s to read their introspective partners at times, but they will soon find that their INFJ partners help them balance their own idealism with just the right amount of reality checks. Like most good things in life, relationships can take time..and the flowers and fruit of this relationship can bloom like anything.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs


ESFJ’s make very generous partners and are known to throw themselves into their relationships whole-heartedly, which is just what their ideal match, the ISFJ needs. Looking for a place where they belong, ISFJ’s will find solace with their ESFJ partner, who in turn, will appreciate their peacekeeping partners. As both are harmony-focused types, together they can find a little bit of heaven on earth.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs


Creative and playful in many situations, ISFP’s balance this with their need to find a kindred spirit, and they can be sure to find one in an ESFP. ESFP’s are exciting and spontaneous partners who can bring out the fun side from the often ‘extroverted-introvert’ type of an ISFP. In turn, ISFP’s can help ground ESFP’s, when the time is right, with meaningful conversations, finding connection over nostalgic things, and delighting each other in the newness and endless possibilities of their relationship.

Who You Should Date According To Your Myers-Briggs

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