Who To Invite To Your College Graduation Bash

You did it. You have finally successfully reached your college graduation. After experiencing the rewarding feeling of accepting your certificate of graduation, shaking hands with the dean, and flipping your tassel to signify your completion of one life step and your beginning of the next… it’s party time. Get that invitation list going with help from this list of who you need to invite to your college graduation celebration.

Immediate Family

If they are not throwing you your college graduation bash, you need to invite them. Your parents have done a lot for you throughout your life, and though you are now an adult and are taking life by the reins, do not forget them and what they have done to help you get where you are now. And you should be a good sibling and invite your brothers and sisters, too, whether you get along well or not.

This is a celebration of a great accomplishment you have achieved, and your immediate family can appreciate that better than most. They have been there with you through it all. Quite likely, they will be emitting rays of pride at your achievement, not able to have any facial expression other than that of complete joy. Let them celebrate with you; invite them to you college graduation party.

Who To Invite To Your College Graduation Bash

Extended Family

Even though you have not seen Uncle Ernie, Aunt Brenda, Susie, and Chuck in years, you should still send them a college graduation party invitation. It may be a journey for them, but they may well show up. Not everyone goes to college, and beyond that, not everyone graduates from college. Do not feel that you mean less to any member of your family, despite how much or little you see of them.

There is power in family bonds. Invite everyone in your family, unless some extreme falling out has happened between you or your immediate family and other family members. It may be best to stay out of that squabble. But do not let distance, either physical or emotional, keep you from dropping extended family members a college graduation party invite. You may be surprised at who drops in!

High School Friends

Sometimes when we go to college, though we fully intend to stay in touch with our high school buds, it does not always work out. We form new lives with new friends, and our old friends get lost in the past. Of course, there are also times where this intent to remain in contact with high school friends works out great, and the friendships become life long.Whatever the situation, you should invite your high school friends to your college graduation party.

If you lost touch, this will be a great way to reconnect. They likely will be glad to get the invitation, memories of your old friendship fondly returning to them, making them excited to see you again soon and to celebrate your accomplishment. And if they have completely moved on from you, at least you let them know that there is no bad blood on your end of the relationship if they ever want to reach out. Of course, inviting the friends you still talk to is a no brainer. They will be there.

College Friends

You probably met a lot of interesting individuals on your college journey. And if your journey was actually a voyage towards your doctoral degree, you may have lost touch with a few good college friends. No matter what they were studying, they were all on the same course towards betterment through education, as you were. Not inviting them to your college graduation bash is completely crazy.

Because they struggled with you, your college friends will be absolutely thrilled for your college graduation success. Whether you met them in Freshman orientation or a study group for your practical exams, they will be glad to hear from you and about your achievement. From present or past, invite them. All will be glad you did, you included.

Who To Invite To Your College Graduation Bash


Family Friends

They have watched you grow up and attended all of your birthday parties. You feel like they are a part of your family, and in a way, they are. Your parents’ friends became your family’s friends. They have been there for you all when you needed them and when you did not. Family friends need to be on your invitation list for your college graduation bash.

Family friends love you, whether you are particularly fond of them or not. They may not be your cup of tea, or maybe they are right up your alley. No matter what, they are quite like family, and not inviting them could cause problems with the friendship. If you do not get along with them, they probably will not interact with you much anyways. And if you do like them, of course you want them to attend!

Influential Teachers

You just completed an educational journey that began when you were about 5 years old. You have had A LOT of teachers in your lifetime. Most were just teachers, but there were those few that you really connected with. They understood you, and you could talk to them. Show them you appreciate them and invite them to your college graduation party.

No matter how old you were when you encountered these teacher treasures, you should invite them. They will love seeing who you have become, and you will be excited to see them again. Even if the teacher was a college professor you never had for a class, but you struck up a conversation with them one day and enjoyed the life advice they provided. Invite any teachers that meant something to you to your college graduation bash. Even if they do not attend, letting them know that they were a part of your success will mean the world to them.

Significant Other

This should be understood. Invite your significant other to your college graduation party. If you do not want to invite them, you should consider re-evaluating your relationship. Your significant other is that special someone who knows you better than anyone else. They get you like no other, and they know how hard you worked to reach your college graduation. They need to be at your party.

See Also

If you do not invite your significant other and they are okay with not being there, everyone will think something is wrong with your relationship. Your party will not be half as enjoyable because everyone will be asking you where they are. Now, if they took a rare job opportunity that has them in Tokyo for six weeks, and your party is during this time, that is understandable. However, if your partner is at home on the couch eating popcorn and watching a movie while you are celebrating you college graduation, consider thinking some things over.

Who To Invite To Your College Graduation Bash



When you get a job, you bond with some co-workers. Maybe you do not have many interests in common and do not really hang out with them outside of work, but they are fun and make work more bearable. You have complained to them about your college struggles, and they have listened and given you good advice. In return, you helped them with their love life. Your co-workers deserve college graduation party invitations.

This does not mean that you should invite all of your co-workers. Jobs are weird because you are forced to work with all sorts of people, including people you just do not get along with. You have to be nice to them at work, but you do not have to like them or invite them to your party. Invite the people you like. Whether they will attend your party or not is up in the air, but if they have heard your college struggles, they probably will attend to support you.

Who To Invite To Your College Graduation Bash

Real Life Friends

Real life friends are treasures because you have met them out there, outside of school or work or family. Maybe you were looking through some records in a store and they started discussing music with you. You two have the same tastes, and your friendship was formed. Now, you guys go see live bands twice a month, and you both love it.

Whether they are very aware of your college life or interests beyond a certain scope, they are your friends and you would like them to see this part of your life, deepening your friendship. Invite your real life friends to your college graduation party. They will probably feel right at home, since you share core interests with them that probably are found somewhere at your party, if not in some of your other friends there. They get a certain side of you, and not inviting them is simply out of the question.

Who To Invite To Your College Graduation Bash


Who do you absolutely need to have at your college graduation bash? Why? Let me know in the comments below!

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