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Who is Your Celebrity Girlfriend?

Having a crush on just anyone nowadays can be very confusing depending on their personality. But, who says that depending on yours, you could have that perfect match for a certain celebrity. Here are 10 celebrities who could be your next girlfriend depending on your personality. 

1. Naomi Osaka

Let me introduce you to the new face of the Tennis industry Naomi Osaka. Last year, she made one of the biggest upsets in Tennis where she made a statement becoming the newcomer of the year by the Women’s Tennis Association back in 2013 and becoming a four-time grand slam champion in both the U.S. and Australian opening. So if your a guy who is all about that competitive lifestyle of winning, Naomi Osaka would be your woman to cuff. 

2. Selena Gomez

As little boys, we always had that little crush on that one actress who played in our favorite childhood television show and for me, it was Selena Gomez. She is that one actress who embodies the ideal traits of the perfect woman being both a talented actor, singer and someone who believes in being an activist for the community standing up against issues relating to racism and social injustice. If anything, she is the perfect model of all celebrity millennials. So if you are a guy who is looking for that perfect millennial, Selena Gomez is your boo. 

3. Valerie Loureda

If you ever wanted a woman who knows some sexy salsa dance moves while still being able to hold her ground in a fight, Valerie Loureda would be that woman. Valerie Loureda has been making a name for herself as one of the most talented fighters in the Bellator MMA industry representing the woman’s flyweight division. Not only that, but she fights just as well as she looks  demonstrating her amazing salsa dance moves after each of her fights and being recognized as a beautiful IG model. This is a woman who knows who to slay it more than just one way. 

4. Jhene Aiko

 As we grow older and mature into men, we start to value an attitude that is more chill, down to earth, and all-natural. When I hear those words, the first person who comes to my mind is Jhene Aiko. This R&B singer right here is the exact definition of “all-natural” where she reaches people’s hearts and minds with her music through means of emotion and poetry. Some would call her that woman who’s got that chill and mature psychedelic vibe. So if you would rather skip that loud crazy party scene, and relax, listen to some vibe out to some chill music with some Sativa, Jhene Aiko is just right.

5. Chanel Iman

When it comes to the supermodel business, Chanel Iman is not a stranger. She is what it means to be an astounding model in the fashion industry. Chanel Iman has made a solid representation of runway modeling representing some of the biggest name brands in the fashion industry from Gucci, Dior, and Chanel. I value the unique style of fashion design, so if I had to go with a woman who shares the same style in fashion, Chanel Iman would be that special woman. 

6. Amber Rose

One trait that defines the perfect woman is having self positivity in your self-image and accepting yourself for who you are. When it comes to Amber Rose, she is all about just being yourself. Other than the fact that Amber Rose is the perfect image of a stunning woman, Amber Rose is famous for her shaven head look. One of the reasons why she is so known for this look is because she believes that no woman should be labeled as beautiful by standards created by society. I’m not sure about you, but I find a woman who chooses to lie by her standards rather than society is very sexy to be with. 

7. Draya Michele

As men, we always want that one woman who has a little bit of a fiery attitude, Draya Michele is that woman. This supermodel has made a name for herself being one of the main stars on the hit show “Basketball Wives” where Draya, in particular, has this loud fierce attitude where for some reason, it just makes most of the guys want her even more. I’m sorry but when it comes to Draya Michele we can’t settle for a basic girl, she’s got to have that sexy attitude.

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8. H.E.R

You can tell by the name the H.E.R is more than what she says she is. Gabi Wilson is making a huge impact in the music industry of R&B where she just won two massive awards and the Best R&B Album and Best R&B Performance at the Grammy Awards show. The name H.E.R stands for Having Everything Revealed and at her Grammy’s performance she revealed it all where she was soo good, people are saying how she is only a few steps from Beyoncé’s status. Any woman who knows how to slay it at Beyoncé level is a definite yes in opinion. 

9. Kehlani

One of the best traits that shows a women’s true beauty is her passion for body self-expression. Kehlani loves demonstrating her music style through her tattoos because to her, tattoos are a way of reaching people. When people don’t want to listen to what you have to say, sometimes the best way to get their attention is through the imagery of your body. A woman who has a love for that ink life is truly amazing and is worth every minute.  

10. Saweetie

If we are talking up-and-coming female rappers who got edge and classiness of a lady, Saweetie is that perfect equation. I mean not only is she a talented artist, but Saweetie just has that rhythm and tone that sets her apart from all these other rappers who are only big from clout. A woman who is confident enough in her talents is girlfriend material. 

Just because that she is now a busy full-time celebrity doesn’t mean that she still can’t be girlfriend material. Who do you think would make a good celebrity girlfriend for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Marcellus Johnson

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