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Who Is Stormi’s Father? Tyga Demands A Paternity Test!

Who Is Stormi’s Father? Tyga Demands A Paternity Test!

Kylie Jenner's ex boyfriend Tyga demands a paternity test after her baby Stormi was born February 1st. Kylie's boyfriend Travis Scott is known to be the baby's father, but Tyga has a feeling it is actually his child. But could a third rapper actually be the father...? WE NEED ANSWERS.

The birth of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster has caused quite the commotion as the 20 year-old with more than 103 million Instagram followers somehow managed to keep her pregnancy a secret.  While most people connected to the KarJenner fam are sending their congratulations to Kylie and her baby daddy Travis Scott, there’s one person who has some speculation… Kylie’s ex, Tyga.  He suspects he might be the father, so what does he do? Tyga demands a paternity test!

Tyga (28) and Kylie dated on and off for 3 years, until officially calling it quits in March.  Not even a month after, Kylie had already moved on to dating Travis Scott, and pregnancy rumors circulated soon after.  When the rumors first broke, Tyga posted a snapchat with a report on the rumor and a caption, “hell nah that’s my kid.”

Tyga claims that he and Kylie were sexually active 9 months ago when the baby was conceived.  Tyga is begging another KarJenner ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, for a picture of Stormi to see if she has any resemblance to Tyga’s 5 year-old son, King Cairo.  Tyga does not seem to be over Kylie, and he has a strong feeling he is the father of her child.  Tyga demands a paternity test so that he can be involved with Stormi’s life, should it come back that he is indeed the father.  Disick is trying to tell Tyga to move on and “leave Kylie and Travis alone,” but Tyga is demanding a paternity test.


Just to add MORE confusion to the baby daddy drama, it should be noted that Kylie had a short fling with OVO rapper, PARTYNEXTDOOR right after her and Tyga broke up, but before she started dating Travis Scott.  Although Kylie claimed  “it never really got to that boyfriend-girlfriend stage,” it’s clear her and Party had a little something going on.  I mean did you SEE the “Come and See Me” music video??

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Whoever the father may be (my bets are most definitely Travis Scott), a huge congratulations is in order for the youngest KarJenner and the birth of a beautiful and healthy baby girl!

Who do you think is the father of Stormi?  Let us know in the comments below!
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