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12 White Items Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Despite that odd saying advising us to stay away from the color after Labor Day, white items, when worn right, can elevate outfits to the next level. Even casual pieces such as tee shirts and jeans, when taken care of, can add sophistication to your next ensemble. The best part? White goes with everything, so you can be sure that your classic Chucks and straight-leg Levi’s jeans won’t clash. Don’t know where to start? Here are the twelve white items every girl needs in her closet. 

1). Sneakers

If there were an award for best use of $70-80 on a single clothing item, white sneakers would win it. The versatility and comfort of a sneaker means that you’ll want to wear them anywhere, and the clean, white look means that you can. When properly taken care of, your white sneaks tell the world, “here’s a girl who makes an effort”, even if you only spot clean them every couple of months. Lean towards a more classic style? Go for Keds (which can be either sturdy or more lightweight depending on what you like) or Converse (low-tops are a bit more timeless, but high-tops are super trendy). Are you more of a sporty type? Keep an eye out for a sick pair of white Adidas or Reboks

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2). Button-Down Shirt

Doesn’t it seem like business class presentations or weirdly formal family gatherings pop up out of nowhere? Luckily, with a white button-down, you can take even your most casual pair of pants (although probably not your yoga pants) and make an outfit fit for a visit to The White House. On a budget? Your local thrift store is bound to have a couple in your size. If you want to make sure your button-down is pristine, try going to an outlet store such as T.J. Maxx and getting a brand-new one from a company like Anne Klein. If you’re especially worried about *ahem* sweating, look for one that’s at least 80% cotton, ensuring that the fabric will “breathe” and therefore less likely to stain. Pro tip: as soon as you’re done wearing your shirt for the day, take it off, hang it up, and spray the pits with hairspray. This ensures that stains stay away from your classy piece. 

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Relaxed Classic Shirt for Women – Bright White


3). Tee Shirt

How can people such as Taylor Swift pull off outfits that look both effortless and polished? A simple white tee shirt could be the answer. A high-quality, breathable white tee could be worn with countless items, including boyfriend jeans, A-line skirts, and loose khaki shorts in the summer. Try pairing the look with your favorite blue jeans, a chunky necklace, and a fun pair of shoes to stand out in the city. 

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4). Jeans

Why should tops get all the fun? With a white pair of jeans, you could look like you just got back from a vacation in Spain and are now ready to take on the Professional world by storm. Go for a straight fit with a bit of room in the back as white can tend to make things look a little bigger. Pair with a button-down denim or jewel-toned button down, espadrilles, and undone hair to channel some chic vibes. 

5). Dress

Dresses are making a huge comeback this year, and we couldn’t be happier! They’re easy, pretty, and functional, and when you have one in white, the possibilities are endless. Any style is sure to be gorgeous, but a more classic cut with a midi length (below the knee) is guaranteed to accentuate your figure and make you look like modern-day royalty. Going out to brunch? Pair your pretty frock with some chunky heels (or sandals) and a pop of color on your lips. Heading to classes in the fall? Pair your dress with a distressed denim jacket and some faux leather booties for a stylish study session with friends. 

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6). Wallet

We give lots of thought to our other accessories, but our wallets are sadly often overlooked in the process. You could look professional and put together on your way to Starbucks, but if you pull out a tattered wallet when you pay for your latte, your confidence might take a blow. It’s so worth it to invest in a high-quality, neutral wallet that’ll go with virtually everything, and white yet again is the way to go. Heck, you could even get one at Target on clearance. Just make sure to spot-treat (if it’s canvas) whenever it gets dirty or to take it to a pro if it’s leather. 

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7). Handbag

While it’s true that most days your backpack will do just fine, there may be an internship or desk job in your near future that you’ll want to step it up for. An elegant white handbag not only has the potential to impress everyone you meet, but can also last for years. You can find high-quality handbags at nearly every outlet store, and luckily most people aren’t savvy enough to spot a designer bag from a dupe. When shopping for your bag, be aware of what features would be most helpful to you and your lifestyle (i.e., if you’d like a big or small bag, how many pockets you’d like, what kinds of straps you like best). Just make sure that the bottom and sides of the bags are sturdy, and that the stitching is strong (you don’t want it to fall apart). P.S. This would also make a great Christmas present, so when your mom asks you what you want, you’ll have the perfect answer! 

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8). Earrings

Marilyn Monroe may have stated that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but these past couple of years have seen a jewelry trend that mixes both adaptability and whimsy. Dangly or tassel earrings in white can be worn for any occasion, turning heads without inviting disapproval. Keep an eye out during your next shopping trip for drop earrings with a gold or silver base (which are also great neutrals) and white accents. Gorgeous! 

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9). Bathing Suit

Another vintage trend that’s been making a comeback- the one-piece bathing suit. Like the white dress from earlier, this piece is modest, sophisticated, and effortlessly lovely. There’s a white swimsuit out there for every body, but you can never go wrong with a cinched waist and low-cut legs. An all-white piece like this does look best with a contrasting color, so if you’re not naturally on the tanner side, try pairing it with a colorful sarong or headscarf. 

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10). Nail Polish

Okay, so this is technically cheating a little bit (nail polish is more of a beauty item) but white nails or any other look involving white nail polish is a fashion choice that isn’t going anywhere. Not only will giving your nails a milky shade make your skin appear tanner, but it’ll also elongate your fingers and add class to very outfit. Not a huge fan of completely white nails? Try an updated version of the French Manicure, where the tips are only a little sliver of white instead of a full-on crescent. Just be sure to stock up on a higher-end polish and top coat such as Alpine Snow by OPI to avoid chipping. No need for the salon! 

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11). Blazer

This low-maintenance, highly commodious wardrobe staple can be popped on over pretty much any outfit. While a white blazer looks stunning with a pair of trousers and a neutral handbag (although probably not a white one), you’d be surprised how mixing this more elegant piece with less formal items can add a unique twist to your outfit. For more professional ensembles, stick with a more feminine silhouette that nips in at the waist. For a casual-chic street look, layer a menswear-style blazer with loose jeans and chunky boots. 

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12). Dress Shoes/Pumps

For every ten times you wear your adorable white sneakers on city outings, try out more formal look with classic white pumps. The heel doesn’t have to be sky-high (as a matter a fact, a lower heel is a more timeless look), but a bit of lift will make you walk a little taller the next time you go out for sushi. The heel and the color not only look great on their own, but also draw they eye up to your pretty face. Pair with a cute watch, nice nails (maybe that French Manicure) and some gel inserts (you’ll thank us later). 

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Which white pieces are you favorite? How would you rock a white dress? Tell us in the comments below!

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