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10 White Elephant Gift Ideas For Your Office

10 White Elephant Gift Ideas For Your Office

With the Holidays just around the corner, it’s the time of year when offices start hosting their White Elephant gift exchanges. Sometimes it can be hard to bring a gift worth fighting over. Here are 10 gift ideas for your next White Elephant gift exchange in your office!

Kitty Mouse Pads

If you have a coworker who works too hard and is obsessed with cute cats, then they’re going to love this mousepad! Browing sites online will be so much more enjoyable with these adorable kittens looking up at them.

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Is your coworker super organized? Or do they maybe need to get a little more organized? If so, this planner will make that happen! There’s no better way to get things done than with the perfect planner and organizer. That’s what makes it an amazing white elephant gift!

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Laptop Skin

In this day of technology, everyone uses a laptop to work, so why not make it look good? This Jurassic laptop skin is for anyone who gets stuck in meeting after meeting. Your coworker will love this white elephant gift and get a good laugh out of it!

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Alcohol is always a crowd-pleaser, so you can hardly go wrong with this gift idea. You can definitely find one, or multiple bottles within your gift budget. Spend a couple dollars on some dollar store ribbons and tags to decorate your booze, and off to the holiday party you go! This is one gift idea your coworkers will want to fight over–especially if your office party is okay with libations.

Office Coffee Mug

Nothing says Monday morning in the office like going to reach for your coffee mug and you realize it’s not there. Whether it’s been misplaced, or a coworker snatched it, there is a certain kind of anxiety and dread that comes along with not having access to caffeine in the early office hours. This is a great office gift idea that will be sure to please a coworker or two who’ve run into this exact problem. Try to pick a mug that has a very recognizable design, so everyone will know who owns the mug.

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Scented Candle

Candles are gift ideas that are always a safe bet if you’re not sure what to buy. Seasonal scents are good choices, but don’t shy away from scents that may not fit the season. You may be able to score a great deal on multiple candles if you’re buying scents stores are trying to get rid of. Consider buying a warming plate to add to your gift, so the lucky coworker to pick this gift could use it in the office. Your coworker will be happy, and you’ll be happy when you smell freshly baked sugar cookies every time you walk through the office.

Mulled Wine/Cider Kit

I know wine was already mentioned, but these gift ideas need their own spot. There is something so much more distinct about mulled wine and mulled cider. They’re truly in a league of their own. Warming and comforting, they are completely different drinks compared to their spice-less counterparts. Cardamom, cinnamon, anise, orange, ginger, cloves…your coworkers will definitely fight for this peak holiday gift.


Office Supplies

Have you ever found yourself wandering your office, scanning your coworkers desks for that pen, white out, tape dispenser, stapler, pad of sticky notes, etc., that you needed? Have you been the victim of the aforementioned, supply seeking coworker? Office supplies may just be a better gift idea than you think. If you work in an office that’s constantly short on supplies, your coworkers will be scrambling to snag a gift that will make their day that much easier. Sometimes it’s the little things that keep us going. Nobody likes to have things taken from their desk, and nobody likes to be the person that’s forced to “borrow” your coworkers gear.

Lottery Tickets

This gift idea is a surefire way to start a fight at your next office gift exchange. People love money, and people love the idea of getting more money. Lottery tickets are a fantastic office gift because they offer the perfect amount of excitement and opportunity. Try buying multiple, dollar tickets and presenting them in a cute design like a wreath or a bow. To add mystery and a fun twist to your gift idea, try putting the tickets in an unmarked envelope. It will add intrigue to the office festivities when it’s time to fight over gifts.

Something Home Made

Maybe you didn’t feel like shopping in all of that holiday rush. Maybe you forgot all about the office holiday party, or you were on a budget. Or maybe you just have a real knack for DIY. Whatever your reason may be, nothing makes a better gift idea than something made from the heart. Do you have a knack for crocheting or knitting? Can you throw pottery like nobody’s business? Or are you a real baking wizard? The possibilities of home made gifts are endless. Your coworkers will appreciate the time and care put into your gift idea, and you can walk away from the holiday party knowing that you made an awesome gift.


Do you have a gift exchange coming up at work? Did these gift ideas help, or do you have gift ideas you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

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