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Which Workout Wear Is Right For Your Body Shape

Which Workout Wear Is Right For Your Body Shape

Which Workout Wear Is Right For Your Body Shape

Exercising should be a regular part of everyone’s routine; it not only healthy for you, but it also makes you feel great! Endorphins, woo! Working out or even stepping foot in a gym can be a daunting experience for some. One way to help you slowly enjoy this is to find some cute workout clothes that make you feel excited and confident. Everyone’s body shape is different, so it is important to find the best workout wear for your body shape!


To all the ladies out there sporting the hourglass shape, sport anything high waisted! The hourglass figure needs to be accentuated. With this is in mind high waisted tights and a cropped workout top or sports bra will show off those curves beautifully! If you have an hourglass figure your waist will be the smallest part of your body, this is what you should draw attention to, that will ensure that you are making your figure look the absolute best. If the season happens to be a little bit cooler, try a cropped hoodie or a figure-hugging long sleeve. Either of these paired with high waisted tights are still optimal to show off your little waist. Don’t hide your curves flaunt them! you’ll be the envy of everyone in the gym.

Which Workout Wear Is Right For Your Body Shape


My apple shaped hunnies, it is time to show off your gorgeous figure. Apple shaped ladies typically have slim legs, with this in mind its time to show them off. Try out a boxy, cropped t-shirt and some high waisted tights. The high waisted band will help to accentuate your waist. While hugging your slim legs. The t-shirt will hide any insecurities you may have and drawing all the attention to those stems of yours! Know your best feature and show it off. Don’t go hiding under long oversized tees. If you find the right workout wear, you will feel and look confident. This is when you will look your best!


For all my ladies out there who are blessed with an athletic build, this one’s for you. To have an athletic build, your shoulders down to your hips are all relatively the same width. To help give your body a bit more shape try some gym shorts and a sports bra. This will help to not only show off your slim figure but will also give your hips some shape. Bringing back the 90’s with this one! If the shorts aren’t quite your style, try to reverse it! Try out a baggy hoodie and some bike shorts, giving you the shape on top and showing off your slim figure below.

Which Workout Wear Is Right For Your Body Shape

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All the pear-shaped beauties out there don’t think I would forget about you! Pear shapes usually have a very petite upper body. With this in mind, if you choose to accentuate this try out a tank top or fitted singlet. This will draw all the attention to your small torso. If you want to create balance, try out a cropped hoodie and some 3/4 tights. This combo will give your body balance. This loose fitting top, whether that’s a t-shirt or a hoodie, will balance out your body to help give the illusion of an hourglass shape. This will also draw attention to your little waist.

Which Workout Wear Is Right For Your Body Shape

Go ahead and treat yourself to some new workout wear, don’t mock it until you try it! The new clothes could be the start of a new you. But remember to take a selfie of you in your new attire and let us know if this article has helped you in any way. Spread the word!

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