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Which Riverdale Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac

Which Riverdale Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac

Are you a Riverdale fanatic? Do you see your personality traits in these characters (with cringe)? We’ve complied a list of Riverdale characters’ personality and behavior traits that correspond to the zodiac signs. You may recognize some similarities!

1. Aquarius 

Aquarius-born individuals are thought of as independent, in need of some alone time, but thrive in a community they feel is a good one, as they are a humanitarian at heart. This feels most like favorite-TV Dad Fred Andrews. Fred is known as a hard-working, independent, and agreeable person, who gives great fatherly advice to his son Archie. Other traits that make Fred most like an Aquarius is his progressive business ventures, fighting for causes he believes in, and being a good listener. Aquarius dislikes consist of broken promises and disagreements, which there were plenty of between him and Archie.  


2. Pisces

Pisces are known for being compassionate, artistic and musical, while also being overly trusting and fearful of others. These traits best match Archie Andrews, who we have seen to be easily manipulated in the past. We also know Archie to be fiery-tempered, multi-talented and likes to keep busy, suggesting his many hobbies, including music, which is a major Pisces trait. Both Pisces and Archie are caring to those around them, generous, and forgiving. 

3. Aries

Common Aries traits are being courageous, confident, optimistic, and honest, and passionate while also having a tendency to be moody, impulsive and short-tempered. Aries also likes to take on leadership roles and use their talents for meaningful work while they hate being idle. FP Jones applies mostly to the Aries as he is known for his leadership over the Southside Serpents, and on numerous occasions, he and Jughead doing their best to save their community. Aries are natural born heroes and leaders, with their confidence and enthusiasm. FP has been a Riverdale character in which we’ve seen growth and change from a man who has learned from his mistakes, becoming a more logical and grounded individual.


4. Taurus 

When we think of the Taurus we often think stubborn, and this personality trait perfectly sums up our beloved Jughead Jones. He isn’t just stubborn though; he is also intelligent, curious and looking to do the right thing. Other personality aspects that make him most likely a Taurus are his commitment to fulfilling a task (aka solving a mystery), and his strong-willed nature (which could be interpreted as stubbornness). Jughead is also a loyal friend, and one that remains life-long to the people he cares most for, a true Taurus at heart. 


5. Gemini

It’s no surprise Betty is our Gemini as they are known for having two personalities. While Geminis might not have something as extreme as Dark Betty, they are known for being changeable and adaptable to their surroundings when needed. Much like Betty, Geminis are curious, always looking for adventure (or trouble), and constantly wanting to experience new things. Geminis also resent being confined, but they are quick learners and enjoy exchanging ideas, which sure sounds a lot like girl next door, Betty Cooper. 

6. Cancer

Cancers are known for being emotional, and reserved but loyal, and loving to the people who are lucky enough to get close to them. Cancer mostly applies to the fiery Cheryl Blossom who is a favorite Riverdale character. While Cheryl comes off as irritational, stuck up, and mean, she can also be sweet, caring and a good friend. She is emotional, doesn’t take criticism well and can lack the patience to deal with people, but when needed Cheryl is empathetic, brave and a total badass! Cancers are also often suspicious and untrusting of others, and can be manipulative. Sounds like someone we know!


7. Leo

Leos are often creative, passionate, but can self-centered and stubborn, all of which describe Josie McCoy. Josie, a natural-born performer is a creative artist and passionate about her art but due to her need to be center-stage, and inflexibility makes her challenging to work with at times. Leos are very confident and strive to achieve, which Josie exudes as she is driven to succeed with music. 


8. Virgo

We have seen a lot of growth from Veronica in Riverdale. She has transformed into a smart, professional and business-savvy young woman, who is a cunning as her father, but far more empathetic and compassionate. Veronica is also optimistic, and motivated in her actions. It seems Virgo is more applicable to her as they are hard-working, analytical, practical and kind people, all of which we see prominently in Veronica, who attempts to overthrow Hiram’s shady business practices, but not at the expense of others’ wellbeing.

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9. Libra

If there was ever a Libra its Toni Topaz. Libras have a dislike for conformity, violence but love to approach things with more harmony and gentleness because they understand the value of working together. Toni Topaz a former Southside Serpent is seen to be a logical, analytical, smart and caring Riverdale character. As Toni takes on leadership this mirrors the Libra traits of being diplomatic, and social. We also see Toni is a cooperative individual, and kind-soul, who wants to establish peace and fairness for all conflicting groups in Riverdale. Libras are the peacekeepers, searching for equality and avoiding conflict which is very prevalent in Toni. Libras also love a good intellectual conversation and need mental stimuli as we have seen from this character.


10. Scorpio

Alice often thought of as haughty, demanding and at times mysterious, but has sincere intentions carries a lot of Scorpio traits. Both Alice and Scorpios are assertive, brave people who will face tough situations with all the resources available to them. They also great sleuths (now we know where Betty gets it from), but can be distrusting, jealous and secretive, which is very much like Alice.  Scorpios also like being right and value longtime friends, while disliking dishonesty so they tend to be suspicious of others. 

11. Sagittarius 

The traits Hermione Lodge shares with the Sagittarius are found mostly in careers and money because Sagittarius individuals are diligent, hard-workers and extremely motivated to attain their goals. They enjoy making and spending money and are willing to take risks. They are also considered idealistic people, which is a trait Hermione possesses, in addition to being optimistic, extroverted and her staunch commitment to her to family. Sagittarius people are also very faithful, committed partners when in-love, as we have seen Hermione show to Hiram in the past. 


12. Capricorn 

Capricorns are known as responsible, disciplined and determined, which makes them excellent managers and leaders. They also believe in tradition and value family. Capricorns are independent and great planners of many projects-which they have all intents and purposes of fulfilling, but they can be stubborn in changing their perspective and find themselves in disagreements. All of these traits are a perfect reflection of Hiram Lodge, one of the most controversial and hotly-debated Riverdale characters. Hiram is also often unforgiving, and his savvy, aggressive business ventures align with Capricorn traits. 


Did you find yourself sharing similar traits with Riverdale characters based on your zodiac sign? Tell us in the comments below?

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