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Which Real Housewife You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Which Real Housewife You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ever wonder which real housewives woman you relate to the most? Well here it is! Your zodiac traits converted to your favorite housewives!

As much as the stars and planets guide our inner lives all year long, let’s be honest, so do the Real Housewives. Of course, we all have our favorite franchise — maybe you’re an OG OC kinda gal or perhaps you prefer the chic NYC scene. But have you ever thought about which housewife you vibe with on a cosmic level? Here is what Real Housewife you are based off your zodiac sign!


Bethenny Frankel: The two of you share an impulse to act in the face of adversity and will always lead others with enthusiastic optimism, no matter how dire the situation. You’re also both entrepreneurial-minded and see every problem as an opportunity — there’s no sugary cocktail that can’t be turned into a multi-million dollar business in your worlds.


Heather Dubrow: As a bull, you stand your ground and plant your heels, but your ruling planet Venus helps your creativity to soar. And because you stick with everything you start, in the form of a $7 million, 17,000-square-foot mansion. So grab some champs, and keep being your stubborn, loyal self, Taurus!



Erika Girardi: Some people say you’re as cold as ice; others think you’re as warm as a cozy fire. Well, that’s because you’re of two heads: one part Erika Girardi and one part Erika Jayne—though your twin sides rarely show up together at the same party. So how does this play out within your Real Housewives horoscope? Well, your escapist, over-sexed exhibitionist is always “patting the puss.”


Vicki Gunvalson: As thriving as your insurance company may be, business is not what fills your love tank. Instead, you’re all about family and companionship. You are fiercely steered by your emotions, sometimes to your detriment and since you’re guided by the Moon, your emotions may deepen and overwhelm all sense of reality.


NeNe Leakes: There’s only one other Real Housewives woman who loves the limelight more than you, Leo, and her name is NeNe Leakes. She’s opinionated, quick, funny, and supremely talented — which is exactly why she could totally moonlight as a fellow warm-hearted Leo. The lion in you demands to be seen, heard and, yes Queen, feared.



Lisa Vanderpump: The queen of the Real Housewives. Vanderpump lives her life by classic Virgo rules — you do it well and you do it right. She’s got those perfectionist tendencies you’re always getting teased about, Virgo, and she’s turned that attention to detail into an incredibly profitable brand, so don’t let anyone make you question your hard work or high standards again.


Kyle Richards: What would Beverly Hills be without the glue that holds it all together?  Kyle Richards is constantly searching for balance in her personal relationships. Sound like someone else you know, Libra? It’s just that you love bringing people together and want everyone to get along — you both have that social butterfly gene that means you’re an amazing hostess and friend.


Teresa Guidice: While we’re not saying you would tip over a dining room table if you felt personally attacked, Scorpio, we’re not not saying that either. Teresa Guidice, for all her flaws, is one of the most passionate people on the planet. She loves — and fights! — super hard.

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Sonia Morgan: Being verrryyyy free-spirited, its no wonder you relate most to Sonia, duh. With Jupiter as your ruling planet, the only bad bone in your body is the one that sets unrealistic expectations. Keep your focus on one thing, Sag, and maybe keep the toaster oven in your own kitchen.


Luanne De Lesseps:  This countess has conquered royalty, blown up the pop charts, and even started her own necklace line — it’s the kind of resourcefulness and drive that we love so much about you! It’s all about balance and stability with you (with just a dash of those traditional values you hold so dear).



Kandi Burruss: You’re both always seeking inspiration from an exciting adventure, good book, or new friend — anything to keep your mind moving! But as grueling as the Mama Joyces in your life may be, you would do anything—like build a house or two—to keep them happy and in your orbit.


Kelly Dodd: A romantic at heart, like you, pisces, has a fairytale view of love and thinks of her (ex) husband as her knight in shining… pain in her ass. Yes, you both can be a bit of a diva and maybe a little difficult, but you’re traditional role as a housewife pays off!

There you have it! Your Real Housewives horoscope has spoken, do you agree with the housewife you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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