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Which Places To Visit This Fall Based On Your Zodiac

Which Places To Visit This Fall Based On Your Zodiac

Which Places To Visit This Fall Based On Your Zodiac

Dreaming of your fall vacation before the season has even started? Not sure where to go? Let your zodiac decide this year’s fall travel! 


Las Vegas

Aries you never stop, even when you’re on vacation! Take that energy to Las Vegas! There’s always something open, something to do, a show to take in. Be responsible  of course, not that anyone has to tell you. Your boundless energy needs an outlet though, even when you’re supposed to be relaxing. The hum of Las Vegas will send a thrill through your bones, and you’ll enjoy letting the spontaneity of the city sweep you off your feet. No one said fall travel had to be all changing leaves and pumpkin pie.

Which Places To Visit This Fall Based On Your Zodiac


Yosemite National Park

Taurus you’ll enjoy a weekend spent in nature, taking in the beauty of the landscape. Head over to Yosemite National Park and breathe in the fresh scent of the trees. It’s the best time to go since cooler weather will make hiking more enjoyable and since school will be in session there will be less competition for camping space with the best vistas.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh was built for your fall travels Gemini. The city exists in a duality as you do, from its foundation to its history. You will delight in crossing from New Town, with all of its nods to modernity and technology into Old Town where you can feel the history down into it’s cobblestones. The city has so much going on that you will never want for something to occupy yourself with Gemini. Go on a tour of Edinburgh Castle and compare its history to the ones on the street you can learn from many a history tour. See how both stack up when night falls and the ghosts come up to tell their side. Or return to New Town and indulge in your modern comforts. The choice is yours.


Halloweentown Awaits in St. Helens, Oregon

Cancer, with your love for the nostalgic the only place you should go is St. Helen’s, Orgeon for their Spirit of Halloweentown fesitivities! The town was the site for some of the filming of the Disney Channel Original Movie Halloweentown and they now celebrate this connection every year! Relive some of your favorite moments from your childhood favorite, it’ll be as if you were transported back in time. Be sure to bring your family dear Cancer, as if you hadn’t already planned on it! 

Which Places To Visit This Fall Based On Your Zodiac


Halloween with Disney

There’s only one place for you to go this fall Leo, and it’s to the Happiest Place on Earth! Halloween at either Disneyland or Disney World is sure to enthrall you with all of their over the top theatrics! Check out Oogie Boogie’s Halloween Bash at Disney’s California Adventure or Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom for a night you won’t forget!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Virgo, you will love the beautiful picture Amsterdam makes as its tree lined rivers turn from green to yellow. It’s so picturesque that you’ll believe you’ve walked into a storybook. The summer crowds will be gone so you can enjoy the city to your liking and pace. No need to rush and cram everything in, take your time and plan it out to enjoy everything to its maximum potential. Wander through the city’s museums and learn everything you can!



It might seem cliche, but Libra you will enjoy going to see the leaves change in Vermont. It’s a quite and peaceful getaway that is sure to re-center you in the transition between seasons. Watching the green make way for reds, yellows, and oranges re-affirms the balanced, cyclical nature of the world and in that balance you find spiritual comfort. Plus those B and B’s have great ammenities.


Morelia, Mexico

Scorpio, there is no better place for your passionate, empathetic spirit than Morelia in the heart of Mexico. The capital city of the state of Michoacan, it is THE place to be in the fall for one of Mexico’s most celebrated and special holidays, Dia de Los Muertos. In English it’s The Day of the Dead and most recently become more popular due to the release of Disney and Pixar’s Coco. Your spirit will soar alongside the rest in celebration of those who came before, and when night falls you will float alongside in remembrance. 

Which Places To Visit This Fall Based On Your Zodiac

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Salem, Massachusetts

It’s off to Salem for you this fall Sagittarius. Not only is it an especially chilling place to visit if you’re a fan of the more occult facets of the town, but even if you’re not there’s more than enough history residing in the place to suit your thirst for knowledge. You have your choice of historical tours to indulge in, just head over to the town’s website to see what sparks your curiosity! 


London, England

Get yourself across the pond and into jolly ol’ London for your fall travel Capricorn! You will enjoy the no nonsense, straight-forward attitude of the Londoners and the brisk pace of the city. You’ll be able to keep to yourself and it’s a great city to explore with the family if you’re so inclined to bring them with you. Take in a show at the Globe Theater or take a tour of Westminster Abbey if you’re looking to indulge in a bit of history before heading over for a ride on the London Eye to see just how far the city stretches.


San Francisco, California

Aquarius, you will find yourself right at home in the City by the Bay. Filled with an eclectic citizenry, you will be able to enjoy little themed hole-the-walls to elaborate “speakeasies”. You’re just as likely to spend the day in an art museum as to find an art festival filled with local artists. The bustling  metropolis of downtown gives way to excellent nature hikes such as Land’s End that seems out of place for such an international city yet blend in so seamlessly. You will enjoy yourself in trying to figure just what San Francisco is. 



Pisces, you were born for the artistic city of Paris. Get yourself a croissant and take in all of the beauty and art the City of Lights has to offer for your fall travel. Look up at the Eiffel Tower surrounded by gardens where the trees are changing color. There’s no dreamier sight to fill your romantic heart. 

Which Places To Visit This Fall Based On Your Zodiac

Where will you be going for your fall travel? Let me know in the comments below! 

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