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Which Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

Which Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

Getting a new piercing is like sending a risky text message; you never know how it’s going to turn out. However, piercings are fun to experiment with. With all the time people have on their hands, several people are planning what piercing they want next. Once the piercing shops open back up, people are bound to go crazy with which piercings they want to try. Here are some trendy piercings that are bound to become extremely popular this fall! 

 High-Low Lobe Piercing 

The lobe is a super painless place to get a piercing which is why getting multiple low piercings isn’t too big of a deal. Before doing some research, I didn’t even realize that multiple lobe piercings were a thing. However, they are becoming pretty popular. If you already have your ears pierced it is easy to go either above or below the first hole. Like a regular lobe piercing, it will heal relatively quickly and definitely won’t hurt as much as a cartilage piercing. Trust me, I was one of those people who was terrified to even get my ears pierced for the first time, but it really isn’t as scary or painful as one may think. Rock the multiple lobe piercing (or maybe even triple!) this fall!

Which Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

High Conch Piercing 

The first time that I ever even heard the word “Conch piercing” I sincerely thought my friend was talking about a seashell specifically the conch used in “Lord Of The Flies.” Since I am not an expert in the piercing world, I decided to do some research on what a conch piercing really was. Where is a conch piercing located you may ask? Well, it is in the middle portion of your ear cartilage. The word “Conch piercing” is named after “the large spiral shape that ears take after.” At this point, you may be thinking “That must really hurt.” Not going to lie, it probably will hurt, however they say that beauty does equal pain. Conch piercings take about 3-9 months to heal, but they look amazing! The High conch piercing is becoming more and more popular even with celebrities like Rihanna getting one!

Which Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

Clustered Cartilage Piercing 

The trend of having one cartilage that looks like multiple piercings is becoming extremely popular. People want different designs on their cartilage that is something unique and different. Whether it’s a bunch of verticle flowers or a line of stars, people are becoming obsessed with this cartilage piercing. Since it’s only one piercing, it won’t involve a ton of work. The cartilage is a sensitive part of the ear, and like the conch piercing, it will require some time to heal, but in the end it will be worth it. You’ll have fun choosing the clusters to choose from this fall. 

What Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

Orbital Piercings 

According to professional piercers, the orbital piercing is becoming extremely popular among people these days and more customers are coming in looking to get it. So what exactly is an orbital piercing? It is two holes connected by one piece of jewelry and it is connected by a hoop. Since it is a lobe piercing, it has a shorter healing time and will be less painful than a cartilage piercing. It’s original and this piercing will be sure to score you a bunch of compliments around fellow piercing enthusiasts. Make your way to your nearest piercing shop this fall and ask for an orbital!

Which Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

 Tragus Piercing 

Another popular cartilage piercing is the tragus. Allure magazine had an interview with Adrian Castillo who is a piercer at Studio 108 in Brooklyn and LA that said that a tragus is “the little flap of cartilage on the side of your face that covers your ear canal.” Many people decide to just get a cute little stud for their tragus piercing. It may be a bit painful as cartilage piercings often are but it’s a pretty simple and pretty look. I would recommend this piercing to anyone looking for a very minimalistic and easy cartilage piercing. 

What Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

Nipple Piercings 

I think people are just at that point in quarantine where they are willing to do anything to get a thrill out of life which is most likely why the rise of the nipple piercing has once again surfaced. I mean Kendall Jenner has them so why not? It is pretty commonly known that nipple piercings do hurt to get, but the pain generally doesn’t last for very long. People get a straight barbell for a nipple piercing and nothing else as that’s just what works best. The world is so crazy right now so might as well try something completely out of your comfort zone like getting a nipple piercing!

What Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

 Snakebites Ear Piercing 

Ever since Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter, got a snakebite ear piercing they started trending instantly afterward. When most people think of a snakebite piercing, they often think of a lip piercing. However, it can also refer to an ear-piercing as well. “Snakebites” are just when you have two piercings stacked on top of one another. It can be done pretty much anywhere on your ear. It’s a pretty bold, fashionable look that you should definitely try this fall. 

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What Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

 Daith Piercing 

A Daith piercing is usually a hoop that “hugs” the cartilage on the inside portion of your ear. It’s a classic, cute style that always looks really good! If you’re looking for a piercing that isn’t too big but you still want a small hoop, this is the right piercing for you! 

What Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

 Nose Piercing

After I went through a terrible breakup, I decided to get my nose pierced! I had always wanted to and I thought what’s a better time to do it? I’m so glad I did because I love it! All I have is a small stud, but it still is super cute and I always get a ton of compliments on it. I would definitely recommend getting a nose piercing this fall! You can get it done really quickly and it is pretty painless! 

What Piercing Trend You Should Try For Fall 2020

Piercings are so fun to play around with! If you don’t like something, you can always let the hole close up and try again. Make a statement this fall with a new piercing! 

Do you love any of these piercings? Let us know in the comments below!

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