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Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

It is extremely difficult to find a perfect necklace for every neck line. There is the length, color, and so many other facetes that complicate the entire process. So if you are tried of going on that journey alone we created the best list of Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline.

Strapless – Choker

When wearing a strapless shirt it is important to really accentuate your shoulders. If that was not something you wanted to do then strapless is probably not for you. That is why you put on a choker, to create a large space in between your top of the shirt with the bottom of the neck lace.

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

Turtleneck – Layered Long

In the winter if you are a turtleneck wearer, finding a necklace to pop against such a covering garment is extremely difficult. This long layered necklace look will create a sexy seductive look while keeping you warm. Note that this only really works with turtlenecks not cowl necks.

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

Scoop neck – Shorter Statement

If you like a scoop neck shirt then the shorter statement necklace is perfect. Find the necklace that is only slightly above the scoop, so it shows a little skin between the necklace and the top of the shirt. The more showy the better. The neckline will be like a frame to whatever necklace you deice to put in the space of your chest.

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

V-Neck – Drop Pendant

V- Necks can be tricky because you have to find the right length that it sits right above the V-Neck but not go over it or go a lot farther over it with a longer necklace. That is why drop pendants work great for this. The chains can be adjusted and the pendant stays in the perfect V shape mimicking the neckline on the shirt.

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

High Neck – Bold Short

High Neck or Crew shirts are basic t-shirts. For this neckline, you are going to want a necklace that is right on the neckline. For this look, you are going to want to go as bold as possible. One idea is to wear a peter pan collared necklace to create a new silhouette on the shirt but also create some drama from a basic t-shirt.

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

Plunging – Long Drop Pendant

Rocking a plunging shirt can be scary. What if you pop out? What if it makes your boobs look saggy. When all of this is on your plate it can be a hard decision to wear a necklace or not. If you want to wear a necklace with this neckline for sure wear a long drop pendant. Do not let the pendant go beyond the neckline but let it hover above the neckline an inch or two.

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Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

Boat Neck – Long Beads

Boat necklines are a very classy style of shirt. Whether it is striped plain or with a pattern it can always be dressed up with a long bead necklace. Make sure that the beads are bold against the shirt so it can really create interest with the old school boat neckline.

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

Collared Shirt – Simple Choker

Wearing a collared shirt might be an everyday occurrence when you work in an office. Which can feel stiff if you aren’t able to express your style. When you want a little more drama with your outfit, throw on a loser choker. Make sure it is delicate and just brushed your collar bones. It will have some interest and will not feel as confined.

Which Necklace To Wear With Each Neckline

Finding the perfect necklace may be a difficult challenge, but with a little guidance, it can be as a simple hunt to find your few go to looks.

Did you learn anything new? Leave us a comment below which necklace style you will be trying!

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