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Which Monthly Subscriptions Are Worth It

Which Monthly Subscriptions Are Worth It

A monthly subscription is like sending yourself a gift every month and no one deserves a gift every month more than you do. These Monthly Subscription boxes range from beauty to food, so this will really cover any of your monthly needs. 


Ipsy is a great monthly subscription over-all but it can be very beneficial if you are someone who travels a lot. All of the products come in sample sizes and come in bags that are designed based on the theme of that month. The bags can be used for travel or keeping your other products organized. The theme of the month also plays into which product you will get that month. It is a cost-effective way to try different makeup products that you could possibly add to your daily routine. 


Scent Bird 

I learned about this subscription through multiple podcasts that I listen to. When you are ready to graduate from the fragrance sprays from Pink by Victoria Secret, Scent Bird would be a great way to experiment with different perfumes and decide which one you’d like to settle down with. Very similar to dating, test out a bunch of different scents until you decide there is one that doesn’t disgust you. There are brands like Gucci, Versace even Glossier. This is the best way to decide what your signature scent is and even when you do find it, this is a way to escape that normality and switch it up.  


This box is very similar to the Ipsy subscription except this box comes with full-size beauty products. Because of the full-size products this subscription will cost a bit more per won’t, but you’re getting a lot more. You are able to try new and different brands that you most likely wouldn’t have tried without the box. The coolest thing to me is that you are able to receive full eyeshadow or blush palettes within Monthly Subscriptions! Those can be pricey if you’re trying new ones constantly. 


Fab Fit Fun 

Although not one of the usual Monthly Subscriptions, this is a seasonal box. It is like a present from yourself to yourself at the beginning of each season. You get coupons within the box too, sometimes for items within the box and sometimes for items that could have been in the box. It’s nice because you can make this box a complete surprise or you can customize the products you are going to receive. It’s also great because there aren’t just beauty products but sometimes you’ll get things for your home, clothing or even jewelry. This box is another way to try new products that most likely wouldn’t have crossed your path, you may also get items you weren’t willing to drop the money on at the time. 


Rent The Runway

We’ve talked a lot about trying new beauty products but what about clothing brands? This is a great way to get into fashion that you’ve been too scared to try. This monthly subscription is perfect for someone with commitment issues, you just rent these clothes for the month and send them back! You put in where you’ll be wearing these clothes (work, social events, school) and they will customize pieces for you to try out, or you can pick your own. Rent the Runway started as a business to rent gowns for events but has turned into so much more, they are a very reputable brand which makes renting their clothes more comforting. 

Billy Razor 

Now we are getting to the practical Monthly Subscriptions because we have to be adults at some point, I guess. I don’t know about you but I had no idea how often you were supposed to be switching your razors. Every 2-4 weeks! I definitely was not doing that until I signed up for Billy. These are the best razors I have ever used, and trust me, I’ve tried a lot. 1. they come with a stand to hang your razor in the shower and 2. they are so easy to change. They give you an incredibly close shave that will last you longer than any disposable razor ever dreamed of. The shaving lotion will also make your legs silky smooth, you can add that to your Monthly Subscriptions as well. 


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Hello Fresh 

Subscription Boxes that bring you food and teach you how to cook are the perfect combination for anyone who is new to the whole “adulting” thing. Hello fresh is nice because you are able to customize the box based on how many people are in your home and how many times a week you want to make their meals, you also get to choose which meals you receive with each order. Another bonus to Hello Fresh is that you get to keep the recipe cards they send you so you are able to re-create the recipes whenever you want to! There are so many YouTubers who have codes with Hello Fresh and those codes will give you a massive discount on your first try with Hello Fresh. 



Workout outfits are either ridiculously expensive or fall apart in a few days. There are so many Monthly Subscriptions for workout routines but Fabletics seems to be the only Monthly subscription made for workout clothes. You can earn points and redeem them as money towards future purchases. You can also skip the month anytime you feel, whether it be you have enough for the time being or just that nothing sparks your interest that month.



After all the adult stressors, it’s nice to wind down with a nice glass of wine. This is also a great way to build our wine knowledge and collection. Winc is a monthly wine subscription that will send you four different bottles of wine every month. You can choose whether you’d like white or red, or both if you’re up for it! They will have you take a quiz to determine which tastes you like most and from the results of that quiz will determine which bottles are meant for you. 

Which Monthly Subscriptions do you subscribe to? Leave them in the comments below!