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Which Marvel Character Are You Based On Your Horoscope

Which Marvel Character Are You Based On Your Horoscope

Have you ever wondered which Marvel character you would be? Maybe Iron Man, brave and persistent, or Black Widow, beautiful and intelligent. The Marvel universe is filled with colourful characters, all with their own unique superhero traits, but which one are you? Our horoscopes can offer us some very powerful information, but we can also use them to work out our traits and what Marvel character we relate to the most. Everyone has a Marvel character whose characteristics match their own, use our guide and find out which Marvel character you are based on your horoscope! 

Aries/ Thor 

Aries are typically fiery, energetic and independent creatures. An Aries’s presence can typically mark the beginning of something exciting. As this sign, your Marvel match is Thor. He’s strong and courageous, with superhuman strength, speed and endurance, and will often rise to match the situation, going above and beyond in his abilities. As an Aries, you are determined, just like Thor. 

Which Marvel Character Are You Based On Your Horoscope


Aquarius/ Gamora 

Aquarius tend to be assertive, independent and determined characters. As an Aquarius, you’re definitely Gamora. She’s a warrior at heart, she’s strong willed, very self-aware and doesn’t trust easily.

Taurus/ Thanos 

Taurus’s tend to be practical, determined and ambitious. As a Taurus, your marvel match is Thanos. With enormous superhuman strength, Thanos is energetic, has limitless power and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Gemini/ Antman 

As a Gemini, you are easy going but both enthusiastic and social. While still outgoing and intelligent, your marvel match is Antman. One of his top qualities is his humour, but he’s also sociable, curious and can be slightly unreliable, just like a typical Gemini.


Cancer/ Groot 

Cancers are determined, imaginative and loyal beings. However, they can be very emotional and sensitive, and may need a cuddle now and then. Your marvel match is definitely Groot, he’s strong but his true power lies in his soft skills.

Capricorn/ Hawkeye/Clint Barton 

Capricorn’s are ambitious and realistic. As the quiet one, your marvel match would definitely be Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye. He’s confident in his abilities and practical, just like a typical Capricorn.

Leo/ Star Lord 

Leo’s tend to be caring and generous and warm hearted, but active and honest. Your marvel character match is probably Star Lord, he’s roguish, charming, and courageous, and protects the universe from all threats. 


Libra/ Captain America 

Libra personality traits include a strong sense of fairness, partnership and are typically the most charming sign. As a Libra, your marvel match is definitely Captain America, he has a moral centre protects his team and loves the limelight.

Which Marvel Character Are You Based On Your Horoscope

Virgo/ Iron Man 

Virgos are brave, strong and passionate perfectionists. With a good understanding of human nature, once around a Virgo, everything begins to get better. Your marvel match is definitely Iron Man, the king of perseverant, he’s brave and loyal and loved by all.  

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Which Marvel Character Are You Based On Your Horoscope

Scorpios/ Black Widow 

Scorpios are an incredibly strong passionate, and powerful sign, with an intense nature. The dark, brooding nature of your Scorpio sign would be matched Black Widow, she’s confident, a true friend and most of all utterly fearless.  

Which Marvel Character Are You Based On Your Horoscope

Sagittarius/ Spiderman 

Sagittarius signs are born to explore, and need freedom to roam and see the world. Energetic and curious, a Sagittarius is creative clever and straightforward, perfectly matched with Spiderman, he’s outgoing, generous, charismatic and slightly idealistic.

Which Marvel Character Are You Based On Your Horoscope

Pisces/ Wanda 

Pisces’ tend to be compassionate and dreamy, and rather focused on their feelings. Quite mystical creatures, as a Pisces you’re definitely Wanda. She’s sweet and caring but still one of the most powerful avengers of all time.

Do you relate to your horoscope Marvel character match? Let us know in the comments! 

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