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Which Harry Styles Song You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Which Harry Styles Song You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Harry Styles is easily one of the hottest singers on the charts right now. With his boundary-pushing outfits, good looks and painted nails, it’s no wonder the Watermelon Sugar singer stole everyone’s hearts this summer. If you’re me, you’ve been obsessed with him since 2010 so nothing’s new. But, if you’re new to the Styles phenomenon, I’ve matched one of his songs with each zodiac sign. So give them all a listen, or just look for your sign and see if you agree! 

1. Aquarius–Treat People With Kindness 

“Maybe we can find a place to feel good…” 

Being an Aquarius means being original and eccentric, emphasizing their creative flow even if it is considered a bit unconventional. Harry Styles himself is an Aquarius, so already feel special enough if you are one. As an Aquarius, you are drawn to things that are edgy and avant-garde, especially fashion-wise. This makes sense when you think of Harry’s eccentric style and groundbreaking. So, this song, and also Mr. Styles’ slogan, is perfect for Aquarius. When Harry wrote the song, he said that it made him uncomfortable in a good way because it was so out of the box for him. Accompanied by a stellar music video in which he has a whole dance routine (aw), this song is your next feel-good jam. 


2. Pisces–Sweet Creature 

“Wherever I go, you bring me home…” 

From his self-titled first album, this song is perfect for the emotionally-driven Pisces. Pisces are known for being genuine, passionate people who tend to be both gentle and musically gifted. This sweet little ballad is a tender ode to someone who feels at home no matter how lost he feels. This is the perfect song for Pisces, who often has a comforting presence surrounding them and a long-lasting impact on the lives they touch.


3. Aries–Kiwi 

“Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect…” 

Every Aries I met has Kiwi energy, so it only felt fitting to pair these two together. An Aries gives off independent, hot girl energy with loads of confidence. Kiwi is a rock and roll anthem about a girl who has the power to drive men crazy just the way she is. The presence of an Aries is chaotic and there is almost always something going on when an Aries is around. The song is sexy and upbeat with notes of rock and roll, and Harry goes crazy performing it which makes it that much better. 


4. Taurus–To Be So Lonely

“Don’t blame me for falling, I was just a little boy…” 

To Be So Lonely is a song that perfectly embodies the Taurus spirit. A Taurus is responsible and loyal, but can also be stubborn and possessive. In the song, Styles sings about being too stubborn to say he’s sorry to an ex-lover and is basically a drunk call to them. He talks about his arrogance getting in the way of sustaining a friendship with an ex, and honestly, I think we can all relate to it. 


5. Gemini–Falling

“And there’s no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hand…”

Gemini’s are known for their indecisive behavior and sometimes being inconsistent in their feelings. They are also super loyal, genuine people who are great to be around. This heartbreaking song by Harry talks about missing someone and knowing it was his fault that the relationship ended. The contrast between knowing you can’t have them, but missing them regardless is a feeling many people can sympathize with. The emotional depth of the song perfectly mirrors that of a Gemini: affectionate, yet afraid to be alone. 


6. Cancer–Carolina 

“She’s got a book for every situation, gets into parties without invitations…”

A Cancer has a magnetic energy that has the whole room captivated by them, wondering who they are. Chances are that you know a Cancer and they are super trendy, showstopper-type people who are bound to leave their mark on everyone they meet. Carolina is the same sexy, rockstar vibe about a girl who Harry could absolutely not get out of his head. Ah, to be that girl. Anyways, Carolina will make you want to move out to California and live a brand new life. 


7. Leo–Golden

“I know that you’re scared because I’m so open, You’re so golden…” 

Leo likes to be the center of attention at all times, so why not equate it with a song that talks about someone being Harry’s sun. The lyrics are honestly a bit sad, but the melody is so upbeat you will feel like you’re driving down Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible at sunset. A Leo is known for their fierceness and loyalty but can have a hard time committing, just like the person Harry is singing about in the song. 


8. Virgo–She 

“She lives in daydreams with me…”

A Virgo is analytical and organized, with extreme attention to detail. Virgos are caring, but there is also a lot of criticism of self and others that surround them. She is the perfect song for a Virgo because it talks about the struggle of one’s identity, while also having an extremely sexy vibe. If you listen to the melodies and not the lyrics, you will take it away as a sultry soft rock song. If you listen to the lyrics, you will find depth in identity and knowing who you truly are. This song has many components and layers, all with an underlying tone of sultriness, just as a Virgo should. 


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9. Libra–Only Angel 

“When it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets…”


Libras are known for being gracious, fair-minded, and social. A partnership is extremely important to Libra, as they do not like to be alone. Harry Styles is singing about a woman who he just can’t resist, begging to see her because she is addictive. Much like the Libra, Only Angel is about Harry ignoring any warning signs about this lover, opting to just be with them instead. 

10. Scorpio–Cherry 

 “I can tell that you are at your best, I’m selfish so I’m hating it…”


The Scorpio is a passionate, true friend who can also be jealous, distrusting, and stubborn. In Harry Styles’ song Cherry, he sings about being jealous that an ex has seemingly moved on to a new relationship. Even worse is that his ex seems like she’s doing well, which makes him jealous of her being able to move on. This song perfectly embodies the Scorpio mindset, of acknowledging their issue with their ex moving on before they did. 

11. Sagittarius–Sunflower Vol. 6

“I’ve been trying hard not to act a fool, my sunflower…”


Idealistic with a great sense of humor, Sunflower Vol. 6 is the perfect song for a Sagittarius.  The light beat of the song and the trippy beginning gives off a very psychedelic feel, matching Sagittarius’ light-hearted energy. At the end of the song, Harry Styles even includes a purely comical “boop boop” sound and yells at the end that can only make you love him and the song that much more, much like the Sag themselves. 

12. Capricorn–Sign of the Times 

“They told me that the end was near, we’ve gotta get away from here…”


Responsible and holding high regard for their families, Sign of the Times is the anthem for a Capricorn. The song itself is about a woman who is going to die after giving birth, and only has a few final minutes left to tell her child everything. It is a beautiful, well-crafted ballad that has you belting out the final verse with Harry. A Capricorn is extremely traditional and carries an inner sense of independence. This song will make any Capricorn feel an extreme amount of emotion.

You can never go wrong with a Harry Styles song, I will promise you that. Expect to hear a lot more of him on the radio, and let me know in the comments what your sign and song are! 

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