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Which Girl Boss Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Girl Boss Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Take a peek and see which girl boss (real or fictional) you most identify with based on your zodiac sign! 

1) Aries- Jo March

Aries, you are incredibly driven and fearless. You are a natural leader, and you will NOT stop until you get what you want. Your girl boss is Jo March from Little Women. Just like Jo, you’re willing to try anything at least once, and there’s no way you’re going to let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. You are extremely smart and witty and you always need to be doing something to keep that sharp mind occupied. Just be careful, because you have a tendency to be a bit on the competitive side. And while people value your honesty, try not to be TOO blunt!


2) Taurus- Tris Prior

Taurus, your girl boss is Tris Prior. Just like Tris, you are devoted to the ones you love and you’ll do anything to keep them safe. You’re that friend everyone knows they can rely on, and your incredibly huge heart makes you a friend for life. You hate anything to do with drama, and you can sometimes come off as shy and withdrawn. But if given the opportunity to show off your skills, your personality and attention to detail will come shining through. You have a stubborn streak a mile wide, but that’s not a bad thing! Use that stubbornness to accomplish those goals and no one will be able to stand in your way!

3) Gemini- Katniss Everdeen

Quick to adapt in new situations and extremely witty, you are Katniss Everdeen! When you love, you love with all your heart. And when you give someone your word, you mean it. You always make sure you have enough information about just about any situation you could possibly encounter, and you guard the ones you love with your life. If it came down to it, you would do anything for them, and you know they’d do the same for you. While you don’t mind the attention, you also enjoy being alone with your thoughts from time to time. Just make sure to control that unpredictable temper of yours!


4) Cancer- June Osborne

Cancer, you live for your family. Even when things get rough and tense, you will always put them before your own needs. Your girl boss is June Osborne. Your dedication to your family and your constant efforts to make sure your loved ones are safe makes you kindred spirits with this incredibly fiery, passionate handmaid. You refuse to see things any other way but your own, and you like things to the point and upfront. You are not one to play games with, and you don’t like being toyed with. You are incredibly strong-willed and persistent, which means whoever tries to cross you is in for a treat! Keep that chin up, but don’t forget to put yourself first every now and then!


5) Leo – Elle Woods

Leo, you are ambitious and enthusiastic, and you LOVE being the center of attention, just like your girl boss Elle Woods! Just like Elle, you have no problem putting in a little work to achieve your goals, and you don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. You love having a creative outlet and expressing your own personal and unique style, and you’re a natural-born leader. You’re nice to literally everyone (even your ex’s new GF), and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. Just be careful, Leo. With that big heart and amiable attitude, people may try to take advantage of you. Just keep your head up and know that you are well on your way to turning your dreams into a reality!

6) Virgo- Blair Waldorf 

Virgo, you’re known as cold and uncaring, but once people get to know you they see that you have a huge heart and you feel everything incredibly deeply. Just like your girl boss Blair Waldorf, you can be hard to read and people may not always know what your intentions are. Make sure you make yourself crystal clear and learn to breathe! Not everything can be picture-perfect, and that’s okay! You can also shy away from emotion, and hide your heart. Don’t be scared to be vulnerable and let people in. Who knows, you might just find your Chuck Bass!


7) Libra- Coco Chanel 

Libra, you are eternally classy and elegant, just like Coco Chanel. You are a lover of beauty and charm, and you have a very level head. You feel most at home in an environment where you are free to express your creative side, and you’re always willing to hear other people’s thoughts- that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll agree with them though! 


8) Scorpio- Diana Prince (AKA Wonder Woman)

Scorpio, you are known for your intensity and your strength. Just like Diana Prince, you know what it takes to defend yourself and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and protected. You can tend to be defensive and you will lash out when you’re cornered, which can make it incredibly hard for you to find love. But the right one will understand that your intensity and your incredible will to set and achieve your goals is what makes you special!

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9) Sagittarius- Carrie Bradshaw

Sag, your girl boss is Carrie Bradshaw. Like Carrie, you LIVE for exploring and stepping out of your comfort zone. You may not always know what you’re looking to achieve, but you always wind up where you need to be! You’re incredibly curious and independent, and you can’t resist a good laugh. You’ve never met a deep conversation you didn’t like, and your life is filled with people who love and care about you. You keep your loved ones close, and you never do anything without including your besties!

10) Capricorn- Amy Farrah Fowler

Capricorn, you are naturally curious and confident, and you adore structure and stability. Your girl boss is Amy Farrah Fowler. Just like this kick-ass scientist, you are hard-working and grounded, and your relationships are super low-key and predictable. Just remember that not everything is under your control, and sometimes you’re going to have to bend a bit!


11) Aquarius- Ellen Degeneres 

Aquarius, your girl boss is Ellen Degeneres! You can’t help but get involved in any and every activity you find in your community, and taking care of others is your strong suit. You are a true extrovert, and you love to learn new things. While it may take you a while to open up, once you feel safe and comfortable in your environment you will flourish and surpass even your own expectations! You love your family, and you are open to just about every point of view. Use your love for learning and your desire to help any and everyone to change the world just like Ellen!


12) Pisces- Kristen Bell 

Pisces, you are incredibly kind and compassionate. Everyone knows you for your warmth and your dedication to your family, and you have so many passions. Your girl boss is Kristen Bell! You and Kristen have gentle souls, and your home is your safe haven. You thrive there, and you do some of your best work when you’re surrounded by your family and those who love you. Explore your passions and harness your creativity to take the world on with open arms and a warm heart!

Which girl boss is most like you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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