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Which Friends Episode You Are, According To Your Horoscope

Which Friends Episode You Are, According To Your Horoscope

Are you a huge friends fan? Fascinated by astrology? Well, how about a combination of both?

Aquarius (01/20-02/18):

Aquarius needs to spend some time alone and away from everything, to restore clarity. Perfect time to watch a friend’s episode. 

“The One Where Ross Got High”

Monica hosts thanksgiving dinner and chandler jumps to the occasion to try and win her parents over. He tells them that Ross got high in high-school when Ross had blamed the incident on Chandler previously. Plus, Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica, and Pheobe have to pretend to enjoy Rachels not so tasty truffle pie. 


Pisces (02/19-03/20):

Pisces love music, and have artistic talent. Pheobe is probably a Pisces, right?

“The One with The Baby on the Bus”

In this Freind episode, Phoebe, our fellow Pisces teaches Stephanie Schieffer, a musician how to sing her song “smelly cat”. Her friends, Joey and Chandler, however, lost Ross’s son Ben on the bus, because of female distraction- as always. 


Aries (03/21-04/19):

Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs, so why not join Phoebe and Rachel on a run in the park? 

“The One where Pheobe Runs”

In this Friends episode, Phoebe and Rachel go jogging in the park together to bond, now that they have become roommates. Phoebe runs weirdly because she thinks it’s a lot more fun, but Rachel doesn’t want to continue jogging with her because she is embarrassing.


Taurus (04/20-05/20):

Taurus is the most grounded sign, practical and realistic, who find it easy to make money and stay on the same projects until they have been completed. What about joining the friends in winning the lottery? 

“The One with the Lottery”

In this Friends episode, Ross decides to buy tickets for the lottery, and Phoebe gets a prediction from her psychic that they will win. After a lot of mistakes, and skepticism the friends sit down together to see if they win the lottery but, unfortunately… Phoebe’s psychic was wrong. 


Gemini (05/21-06/20):

Gemini’s are fascinated with the world, extremely curious, with a feeling that there is never enough time to experience everything the world has to offer. 

“The One in Barbados”

In this Friends episode, The Friends go to Barbados for a conference that Ross must attend. All of them are in a relationship, and a lot of problems occur when some characters begin to like other characters… Drama, drama, drama!


Cancer (06/21-07/22):

We all know how cancers are loyal and able to have empathy with other people’s pain. Cancer’s are also quick to help others, and quick to avoid conflict. Carol for sure!

“The One with the Sonogram at the End”

In this Friends episode, Carol finally tells Ross that she is pregnant, and when Ross tells everyone he says that Carol and her partner- Susan, want him to be involved in the child’s life. Carol, being quick to avoid conflict, as a Cancer, wants peace between Ross and Susan.


Leo (07/23-08/22):

Leo’s have a healthy sense of humor, which allows them to easily collaborate with people. They are warmhearted, in love with life, and constantly trying to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

“The One with the Jellyfish” 

This is a really funny Freinds episode, where Ross has to choose between Rachel and Bonnie. Monica, Joey, and Chandler go to the beach where Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. Chandler ends up peeing on her leg to ease the pain, and they are forever embarrassed by the incident. 


Virgo (08/23-09/22):

This sign is often misunderstood because they sometimes do not allow their feelings to be validated. They are tender and pay attention to details. 

“The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break”

Both Ross and Rachel made a number of mistakes during their relationship that resulted in their break-up. After his “affair” with Chloe, they are both unwilling to accept their respective errors. A good episode to each if you just feel sad. 

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Libra (09/23-10/22):

Libra’s are fascinated with symmetry, order, and are in constant chase doe justice and equality. They realize the importance of inner core and personality. 

“The One with the Fertility Test”

In the Friends episode, Rachel receives a gift certificate to get a free massage at a chain massage center, which Phoebe doesn’t want her to take advantage of, because she works independently and those businesses take away from therapists like herself. Or, does she?


Scorpio (10/23-11/21):

Scorpios express their emotions, and manifest them in a more secretive way, making sure that they are trustworthy. 

“The One Where Rachel Tells…”

In the Friends episode, Rachel announces she is ready to tell Ross, the father of her baby that she is pregnant with his child. He is shocked, but he takes it lightly and accepts it. 


Sagittarius (11/22-12/21):

These signs are able to transform their thoughts into actions and are ready for anything to achieve their goals. 

“The One with the Stoned Guy”

Chandler takes an aptitude test to find out what career he should pursue but finds his ideal career is just one step away. When he is offered a big raise to accompany the promotion, he accepts and finds out it is a job he has to actually enjoy and be himself- he hates it.

Capricorn (12/22-01/19):

These signs are masters at self-control and have the ability to lead the wat, make solid life-plans, and manage many people who work for them: business-owners. They learn from their mistakes and get to the top fast.


“The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey”

This Friends episode is when Ross gets really upset that Monica and Chandler are together. Chandler tells him that he is happy with Monica and actually loves her, so Ross accepts. This is a great episode to watch for a Capricorn because you can see a genuine connection and how vulnerable Chandler becomes. 

All Friends fans, I invite you to watch this episode based on your horoscope. You will watch it in a different way, knowing that it relates to your horoscope.