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Which Fashion Designers Dressed These Big Political Figures

Which Fashion Designers Dressed These Big Political Figures

Which Fashion Designers Dressed These Big Political Figures

So far this year, we have gotten the chance to see some major political figures get dressed by some big names in the fashion industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest political figures of 2021 and which fashion designers dressed them!

Joe Biden–Ralph Lauren

President Joe Biden was dressed in a classic and well-known brand, Ralph Lauren, at his inauguration back in January. The brand has a history of dressing former presidents but the prior president was not in favor. The tradition for the American brand,   Ralph Lauren to dress the president revolves around the concept of an American brand dressing the American president to be symbolic for the nation. The suit President Joe Biden wore had some meaning behind it. The navy blue suit represented the color he used during his campaigns while the lighter shade was added to correlate with First Lady Jill Biden. The American brand has been around for over 50 years and has held up an image that is used to revolve representing what the typical American should wear. They primarily focus on button-ups and suits but have a variety of selections to choose from and pants as well as other clothing options to choose from.

Jill Biden–Brandon Maxwell

A Met Gala designer and went ahead and took care of First Lady Jill Biden on day one of her being in the white house. The last time we heard of Brandon Maxwell was for the Met Gala in 2019, when he was paired to dress Lady Gaga, and he managed to create three looks all in one. For the first day in the office, Jill Biden wore a fuschia colored dress that came with a matching mask. The heels were just as genius as the pearls that were selected. With nude colored pumps, she was ready to take on the role of the first lady. First Lady Jill Biden also accessorized with some gold bangles, layered pearl necklace and bracelets, and a gold watch. The dress ran to her shins and was at the elbows to offer that clean modest look that is perfect for a first lady.


Kamala Harris–Christopher John Rogers

Vice President Kamala Harris was also dressed in some meaningful clothing for the inauguration to congratulate their victory. The purple of the coat stands for co-existence or peace as red for Republicans and blue for Democrats creates the color purple. Christopher John Rogers took the concept and created a coat for the new VP. Christopher John Rogers has been recognized in the world for his talents and is the latest winner of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s prestigious American Emerging Designer of the Year award, and got the amazing opportunity to dress Vice President Kamala Harris on one of the most important days of her life. Not only did the coat have some meaning behind it, but the pearls she is wearing are also from her days in college when she was in the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority house at Howard.


Doug Emhoff–Ralph Lauren

As the first second gentleman of the United States, you also get some luxury and recognition. Doug Emoff, the husband of Vice President Harris, was also dressed by Ralph Lauren, the American brand that has made history with the luxury of dressing the presidents. Mr. Emoff’s suit was primarily all black with a white button-up coated over it and a black coat to the knees. The suit was fitted properly for the second gentleman to stand beside his wife as she became Vice President.

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Donald Trump–Unknown

Back in 2016 when Donald Trump won the 2016 election, he accepted his victory in a classic suit with a red tie. The color in the tie represented the Republican party. It was rumored that the tie belonged to fashion designers Brooks Brothers who focuses on suits and ties, but they never confirmed it. It is quite questionable why no fashion brand would want to dress former President Trump, but many do not see a problem with it. Throughout his entire presidency, it was never confirmed what brand he wore or if he was ever seen wearing something that showed class. But, it was mentioned that his suits were from an Italian company instead of the American Tradition of using Ralph Lauren. 

Melania Trump–Ralph Lauren

Going back to 1961 when Jackie Kennedy was seen in the iconic baby blue look she wore to celebrate her husband’s win, Melania wanted in on the pie. For her look, while standing side by side with former President Trump at his inauguration back in 2017, she wore a monochrome baby blue look that showed sophistication and elegance. The dress was created by fashion designer Ralph Lauren who has gained fame by dressing Presidents and their spouses. Melania has also been dressed by many other brands throughout her husband’s presidency and has also been seen wearing European brands such as Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana.


These fashion designers definitely know how to create the perfect piece for any occasion! Make sure to share with friends or family and comment what you think!