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Which Dream House is Perfect for You?

Which Dream House is Perfect for You?

It seems as if ever since we were little kids we have been obsessed with future dreams. Getting asked things life, what is your dream job, dream wedding, and dream house. Thinking of a dream house has always been a favorite of mine. Your home is your sanctuary, safe place, and it should reflect parts of you. Are you more of a small coastal town dream house kind of person, or a chaotic city penthouse kind? A chateau in the mountains of Montana, or a chateau in the valleys of France? Let’s find out!

French Chateau Esc

So either you watched way too many Disney princess movies as a kid or you just got back from a dreamy European holiday, and now this is your ultimate vibe. Ether way the French Chateau styled dream house brings all things romance and drama. From head to floor windows and draping, to elaborate detailing in the walls and flooring, you may as well move into Versailles. This dream house is perfect for you if you want to feel like royalty without the diplomatic expectations that come along with it. Think Great Gatsby, the lavish lifestyle, the whirlwind love plots, and extravagant parties. With a dream house like this you could have all that and more!

Classic on the Coast

Now we are gonna head over to the East Coast, where classic chic is the norm and there may or may not be a specific color pallet that everyone is going for no matter what season we’re in. I am talking gray, white, blues, greens. A vibe meant for those of you who are coastal grandmas at heart. The timeless chic about these dream houses is unbelievable. The ocean in every coastal dream house is the focal point and it is essential to be able to see it through every window of the home. 9/10 your kitchen will be white and of course the gathering spot inside the house. This is the definition of a forever home and perfect for you if your vibes are timeless.

West Coast Fresh

Ok but maybe the beach is the perfect spot for your dream house, but the east coast life is not for you. You need a little more action, a little more city life, and with a bit of a younger crowd. Well then your dream house may be located on the west coast. Trading an abundance of land and wild trees for palm trees with a more modern aesthetic. You want the beach, but going for trendy over timeless and more of a bachelor pad feel. Nature is important to you, you love to surf and hike, but ideally you have access to a big city too. Malibu, LA, etc etc is the place for your perfect dream house. 

City Chic

But let us take a step back from the beach life because maybe your dream house does not involve being near a body of water, and instead smack dab in the middle of a city, New York, Boston, London, Chicago or more. You like to live in a place with lots of character. You want your house to feel lived in rather than like a museum. The free spirit of your nature inspires you to redecorate every year. You do not have a car, you walk to anything you need. And you live for the hustle and bustle of city life, then this is your kind of dream house. 

Modern Magic


If you tend to be more attracted to a modern aesthetic, then a modern dream house might be the best fit. Construction is most likely new, and includes lots of glass, windows, and sharp edges throughout the house. Everything in a modern dream house is going to be clean cut with minimal color or flashy designs. You will never grow tired of neutral colors that a modern dream house has to offer.

Farm Fantasy

See Also

If your ideal dream home is lots of land with lots of animals, then the farm or ranch lifestyle is for you. You want that farm to table lifestyle, growing your own food for you and your family. And you love animals, especially horses because you love to spend your days riding. This dream house will be filled with exposed wood, ceiling beams, and color. You may not have any neighbors, but the farm dream house lifestyle offers so much privacy. You can spend your days planting food and flowers, tending the landscape, and riding your horses. If you are looking for a life filled with wholesome content and simplicity this is the perfect house for you.  

Mountain Muse

Ok ok now you may be the kind of person that needs a lot of nature in day to day life. You loved playing the woods or going up to your family’s cabin as kid. Well then your dream house lies in the mountains of America’s Pacific North West. Your lifestyle will include lots of skiing, snowboarding, and hiking in this dream house. Expect lots of exposed wood and floor to ceiling windows with incredible views. There will be a body of water nearby, probably a lake. The cozy environment of this dream house will make it feel like a second home to all your friends and family which may lead you to hosting Christmas. I can’t think of a better white Christmas than one spent in the mountains. 

One of a Kind

This dream house is for you if it is more about what rather than where. What I mean by this is you are looking for that one of a kind house you have never seen before. It is less about achieving a certain lifestyle of being in the city, near the beach, or in the mountains, and more about what the house it self has to offer. This dream house could be anywhere in the world and the appeal to you is the never before seen features it has to offer. 

Miliana Adams

I am a 22 year old student at Depaul University living in the heart of Chicago

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