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Where You’ll Live In 5 Years Based on Your Zodiac

Where You’ll Live In 5 Years Based on Your Zodiac

The future can seem really scary, even when it’s a short time like five years, because so much can happen in just one year, let alone five or ten! There’s so many variables: what you’ll be doing, if you’ll have a cool career, where you’ll be living… sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. So to help out that stress, here’s where we think you’ll live in five years, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Cape Town, South Africa

Aries are lively, energetic, and one of a kind. There’s no better description for you or Cape Town, known as South Africa’s “Mother City”. You’ll love how unique the city is, and the mix of mountain and sea will really draw you in. Plus, you’re known for being pretty restless, so the endless amount of things you can do in Cape Town will suit you perfectly!


Taurus: Calgary, Alberta

Taurus are known for being really down to earth, and are probably the most down to earth out of the three earth zodiacs. You also love natural beauty, and anything to do with nature in general, which is why you’d love Calgary. It’s green, has a lively night life, and is nestled right next to the mountains! Plus, it’s near Banff, which is one of the prettiest places ever.

Gemini: New York City, New York

New York is constantly busy, and sometimes pretty hectic. But if anyone could handle this city’s craziness, it’s a Gemini. You’re extremely social, and adaptable to basically any environment, which will help a lot with living in NYC. Plus, if anyone was going to be a NYC socialite, it’s a Gemini.


Cancer: Verona, Italy

Ah, the city of love. We know, we know, that’s what Paris is called. But Verona is where Romeo and Juliet takes place! It has the balcony and everything, dude! Plus, it also has Juliet’s wall, where people who have love troubles post letters to Juliet. All of this romance screams Cancer, and you’ll also love the romantic Renaissance architecture in the city.

Leo: Dubai, UAE

Leos always want to be the centre of attention. Which, as a Leo, you might be sick of reading, but it’s true. And there’s no city that’s more attention demanding than Dubai, where it’s lights literally light up the whole sky, and you can find the craziest things to do (there’s a freakin’ indoor ski resort).


Virgo: London, England

Virgos are known in the zodiac for being analytical and a little closed off, but they’re also known for the most unique, hilarious type of humour, which reminds us a lot of British comedy. You also have a huge admiration for anything quaint, which is why London is perfect for you.

Libra: Rome, Italy

Libras are obsessed with art, music and history and are also harmonious, excitable, and have a really good taste in food. All of this is basically wrapped up in one city: Rome. Libras will love the amount of things to do that fits what they love.


Scorpio: Paris, France

Magnetic, mysterious and passionate, Scorpios are basically Paris personified. Scorpios live in a very emotional realm despite putting a shield to hide themselves, and that emotional realm would fit in perfectly with the dual titles of Paris: the city of love and lights. 

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Sagittarius: Sydney, Australia

Sagittariuses are hard to pin down travel wise, and we had a hard time of putting you in just one place, because you’ll probably travel a lot in your life. But there’s no better place to put a traveller at heart than Australia, where you can explore a whole continent without having to worry about customs (except for when you get in). Explore, my babes!


Capricorn: Berlin, Germany

Capricorns love history and anything to do with it, and considering that Berlin is basically a whole city of history, it’s perfect for you, Capricorn. Being able to visit places like the Berlin Wall in your spare time (with a signature cup of coffee) will really suit you, and being able to work basically any job in the city will too.

Aquarius: Tokyo, Japan

Aquarius is really into the unexpected, the rebellious, and uniqueness. Tokyo is all of those things put together, and there’s nothing that you won’t be able to do there. Plus, you’ll love being able to walk around gardens and explore the city in one day, and explore different restaurants along the way (plus, there’s a hedgehog cafe which is weirdly cool, just like you).


Pisces: Venice, Italy

Pisces are the most artistic of the zodiac, which you probably get all the time, but bear with us. Venice is rich in art and history, and art history too, for that matter. But it’s not just the art that’d fit you. The dreamy vibe of a city built in a maze of canals would really suit you, Pisces, and you’d feel like you’re in a dreamy movie every day.

Have you been to any of these places? Do you agree with what we chose for your zodiac? Let us know in the comments below!

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