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Where You Should Travel Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Where You Should Travel Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Where You Should Travel Next Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Wanting to get rid of wanderlust but not really sure where you travel next? You’re in luck because your zodiac sign has all the answers! Here’s where to travel next based on your sign!

Aries: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You’re fun, adventurous, and fearless which is why you should travel to Brazil next! You can enjoy dancing, swimming at the beach, or even go hiking at a rainforest when you visit Rio de Janeiro. The hot and constant summer feeling is the perfect fit for you fiery Aries!


Taurus: Rome, Italy

As a Taurus, you like comfort, amazing food, and pretty sights which is exactly what Rome can effortlessly give you! Everywhere you go there will be a spot to take an amazing picture, since everything is so beautiful! You’ll definitely love the history, aesthetic, and culture of Rome.

Gemini: California, USA

Just like you, this golden state is versatile and adaptable to every traveler, which is why you should travel to California next, Gemini! From relaxing beaches to mystic deserts to mountains full of snow all just a short drive away from each other, traveling up and down California is a must for those of you who just can’t settle for one type of trip.


Cancer: Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is an amazing place where you can relax, eat amazing food, and go on scenic hikes. There are many beautiful nature spots for you to get back to your roots, Cancer. Don’t hesitate to bring your favorite people for your next vacation trip to Vancouver! You need someone to take your pictures for you after all, to show the world that yes, you do go outside.

Leo: Paris, France

Paris is just as magnetic as you, Leo. This romantic city will leave you breathless as you explore beautiful historic landmarks and artwork. If you’re just as fearless as you come off, you may want to try a visit to the catacombs…don’t get lost!


Virgo: Copenhagen, Denmark

This structured city is perfect for you, Virgo! You can visit Nyhaven, popular for its vibrant buildings, or the many historical buildings that Copenhagen has wonderfully preserved. Especially if you’re into architecture, art, or history, this is the perfect place for where you should travel to next.


Libra: New York City, USA

New York City is the perfect place for you to travel next, Libra. NYC never runs out of things to do. From entertainment to nightlife, New York is rightfully known as the city that never sleeps, which is very fitting for such a fun and sociable sign like you!

Scorpio: London, UK

You like things a little dark, Scorpio which is why cloudy London is where you should travel to next. As one of the more intellectual signs, you can surely appreciate the vivid history that you can learn by visiting one of the oldest, most established countries in the world.


Sagittarius: Botswana, Africa

This country of Africa is majestic and crowd-free, which is perfect for the freedom-loving Sagittarius. In Botswana, you can easily run into wildlife through a safari or by canoe in the Okavango Delta. You know you love a good adventure!

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Capricorn: Mykonos, Greece

This white and blue island of Greece is picturesque and a perfect place to party for a hardworking Capricorn. Mykonos is known for its elevated nightlife by the sea. Who says you can’t have fun and look good all at the same time?


Aquarius: Bangkok, Thailand

At Bangkok, you’ll never run out of experiences that are just as unique as you are! Thailand is where you should travel next, since you can visit amazing palaces, temples, and the floating market all exclusively found in Bangkok.


Pisces: Hawaii, USA

By the water is where you should be Pisces! Water is your natural element, and Hawaii definitely has plenty of it. You can enjoy surfing, swimming, scuba diving, and beyond in Hawaii. This state is known as paradise for a reason!

Have you traveled to any of these places yet? Which one are you dying to travel to next? Let us know in the comments below!

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