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Where You Should Travel Next According To Your Zodiac

Where You Should Travel Next According To Your Zodiac

Where You Should Travel Next According To Your Zodiac

2020 is whacking out on us, so when everything begins to open up again after the virus, it is safe to travel, we all need to be going on vacation. Being stuck at home was kind of nice at first. We all got to work on those projects we kept putting off because of work or spend more time with the family. Now, we all want to tear each other’s hair out and run away from all of this.

If you are definitely feeling cramped at home and needing something to look forward to after things settle down again, here are the perfect spots to travel to according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

You are the kind of person that marches to the beat of your own drum, so when it comes to traveling, take the path least taken. Take an exciting trip to New Zealand and traverse the rocky land. If you are in tune with your competitive side, which we all know you are, visit Queenstown to find adrenaline pumping, daredevil activities such as bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, and hiking to volcanoes that you can turn into competitions with any of your friends.

New Zealand is a perfect spot to travel to as you can enjoy some amazing landscapes while still getting all that pent up energy out so that when you return home, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on your day.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

2. Taurus

With the long hours of working, and working hard at that, you need a break Taurus! You need to travel to a place where you can sit and relax and be present within your own body. Get in touch with your physical self while in Milos, Greece. Milos holds some of the best beaches to soak up the sun, the cutest boutique hotels, and amazing seafood restaurants.

Explore the island a bit and learn its unique and rich history. It is quiet, secluded, a just the perfect place to get away from your busy lives at home.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

3. Gemini

For someone who is curious about life and filled with so much energy, the perfect place to travel for you this year, Gemini, is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This place is has everything you need for a vacation! You’ll want to keep a journal on you to record all of the amazing things you find in this place.

Rio De Janeiro has museums to explore, cathedrals to admire, and amazing architecture that will blow your mind. It also has plenty of places for good food, shopping, and taking some time to relax. Also, check out the regular tours they have for places like Sugar Load Mountain, jeep tours through the rainforests, and on-foot tours of some of their famous sites. It is the perfect travel spot to be curious and adventurous!

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

4. Cancer

Get ready, Cancer, for your next trip to…drumroll, please…Positano, Italy! As some Cancers have a tough time around too big of crowds, this place is perfect as it stays on the quiet side but also has so much to explore. The architecture is beautiful and perfect for art lovers like Cancers are, to go explore and admire. Hang out down by the beach where you can have your own spot to relax and hang out with your friends and family. Don’t forget the amazing food!

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

5. Leo

Leo’s are the party people, so of course, you should travel to party central on a Virgin Voyage Adult-only cruise! Sleep all day in a gorgeous suite, and party all night at the onboard clubs while all you can eat awaits for you.

These cruises will wine and dine you, as well as, take you to far off islands that you can explore and party even more! Leo, you fun-loving lion, get your groove on while also enjoying an amazing vacation at sea.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

6. Virgo

Straight forward Virgo likes to have a plan and follow that plan to a T. So, for your next travel spot, you need a place where there is lots to do and you can create the dream itinerary. You also love a little bit of a challenge, such as learning a different language for the trip or learning how to get around the area.

I suggest a trip to Paris, France. There are many sites to see that you can list on your itinerary and learning French can be what you work towards before the trip. Pull out all of the maps and mark where you are going to go. It is the perfect project to work while in quarantine.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac

7. Libra

Getting to know who you really are is an important aspect of a Libra’s life. When you can finally do some traveling, take some time to travel solo and find some inner peace. San Diego, California is a great place to explore either solo or join in on some fun with the locals and others as this destination has many things to see and do.

For art lovers, there are art festivals in August, September, and November bringing in artists from Mexico as well as locals to showcase their art. They are called the San Diego Artwalk.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

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8. Scorpio

For a Scorpio who loves an adventure, no one’s gone on before, a wonderful place to travel that will let you relax and find exciting activities is in Belize. Take a quiet stroll by yourself on the lovely beaches, or go explore the underwater caves. If you need a little adrenaline pumping, go ziplining or waterfall repelling.

Whatever you choose, this place is just right for you as you love to be independent in your choices of activities but also give you that authentic feel you are always looking for.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

9. Sagittarius

For someone who likes to travel solo and spend the time pondering over life and your thoughts, take a trip to Rome where you can experience some ancient forms of life. Don’t stay in a hotel but in a B&B or a rental so that you don’t feel like another tourist.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

10. Capricorn

What better place for a Capricorn to go than Egypt? The enormous amount of history that you could explore here would blow your mind. For someone who is big into deep thinking and traditions, this travel destination will have you thinking about the ancient past in ways you’ve never before. Let the traditions of ancient Egypt sink you in the sand as you take in the great pyramids.

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

11. Aquarius

The perfect travel destination for an air sign like Aquarius is Machu Picchu, Peru. As an Aquarian, I love me some good history and a good hiking trip. Make it a trip with a group of your friends and take a multi-day on-foot hiking trail where you and your buddies can sleep under the dazzling stars. Make sure to found our constellation when you go!

Where To Travel Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

12. Pisces

A love of water is a great start to figuring out where you want to travel to next. I suggest to Hawaii where you can rent a place close to the ocean and wake up hearing the waves every morning. You can also hike to many different waterfalls and enjoy a secluded swim while enjoying the nature around!

Where To Travel To Next According To Your Zodiac Sign

Finally, something to look forward to! Start planning these trips and get excited to travel again. Comment below your favorite travel destinations!

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