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Where You Should Move According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes we all need a change, whether that be in our work or personal lives. If you’re looking to get somewhere new, here are some places where you should move according to your zodiac.


New York 

Bold and ambitious Aries will thrive in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Aries are always raring to go, never stopping which is why they’re a perfect fit for the city that never sleeps. Whether its a night out on Broadway or zipping around on the subway to get to work, New York City is filled with a variety of activities to keep Aries on their toes. 



The serene and natural landscapes of traditional Kyoto are just what the grounded Taurus is looking for. Taurus will enjoy taking in the gardens and classic Japanese architecture that can be found in Japan’s former capital city. The countless temples and castles available will leave Taurus feeling at peace after a day out before going to enjoy some food in the Gion district.


San Francisco 

Geminis will delight in the dualities to be found in San Francisco. Not only is it a busy tech hub, but San Francisco is also home to trendy shops and experiences. Geminis will enjoy being able to talk shop with their colleagues while also digging into ramen in Japantown or going into the Mission district for some fusion food. Then as soon as they’re done it’s just a quick trip back into downtown for that networking event! Geminis will enjoy the best of both worlds in San Francisco.



Romantic Cancers will dreamily sigh as they wander the cobblestone streets of the City of Lights. The historic nature of the city will appeal to Cancers’ sense of nostalgia and the endless supply of cafes will envelope Cancers in that comforting feeling of home. After stepping in for a coffee, they can indulge their love of water by walking along the Seine River and purchasing a book at one of the bookstalls that lines the river’s edge for them to enjoy at home.


Los Angeles 

Lively Leos just want to be entertained! They want the drama and are ready to work for it, so what better place to indulge their theatrical side than Los Angeles.  Leos will enjoy being able to indulge in their creative side and have the drive necessary to make it in the world of showbiz that LA is known for. They do what it takes to get ahead because they have a clear vision of what they want, whether that’s in front of the camera or behind or something else entirely. 



Practical Virgos will appreciate the order and efficiency of bustling Tokyo. With trains that are world known for their reliability, Virgos will love never having to be afraid of being late because of problems with the trains. The kindness and attention to detail displayed by the citizens of Tokyo will make Virgos feel right at home. With the city so neatly organized, Virgos will know exactly which districts and neighborhoods they need to go in order to satisfy whatever urge they have.


Buenos Aires 

The Paris of South America, Libras will love the blend of European and Latin American aesthetics that can be found in Buenos Aires. They’ll probably find themselves at the more often than not at the modern art museum or at El Ateneo, the theater turned bookstore that attracts visitors from all over the world. Then they can end their night with a delicious steak dinner as they take in a tango show. Who knows, after being so satisfied they might even be inspired to try to learn themselves!


Rio de Janeiro 

Scorpios will thrive in the lively atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro. Whether they’re out celebrating Carnival or soaking in the sun on its famous beaches, Scorpios will find themselves more than able to match the intensity of the city they’ve chosen as home. After a day at Ipanema beach,  Scorpios can go learn how to samba so that they’re ready to join in at the next parade.

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Lovers of knowledge, those born under Sagittarius will never run out of things to explore and learn about in the city of London. Rife with museums of all kinds, monuments, and history London is where you should move if you’re a Sagittarius. The very streets are as steeped in history as the teas the locals love to drink. A visit to the Tower of London followed by a pint at a nearby pub is just the thing for a Sagittarius looking to learn about their new home. 



Capricorns will love the style found in Shanghai.  Classy and serious, those born under Capricorn will truly see their spirit reflected in Shanghai. With it’s embrace of the modern and preservation of the natural, Shanghai will allow Capricorns to take in the nature they crave connection to with its many gardens without having to sacrifice their modern, urban lifestyle.



Independent and idealistic Aquarius will love being able to explore an ancient city like Venice and soak up all of the history it has to offer. The Floating City will engage an Aquarius curiosity with its many curiosities, from its river streets to its place in the history of the Renaissance. Aquarius people will be happy to wander along the streets looking for new insight in to what was and how it can be applied to the now.



Those born under Pisces will find their place in Bali. Not only will they love being so close to water, they will find their souls at peace in the tranquility that surrounds it. Known for its religious sites and meditation practices, Pisces will find the harmony they long for here. Pisces will be truly living the dream on Bali’s sandy shores, waves crashing at their feet.

Where will you be moving to? Let me know in the comments below!

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