Where You Should Go For Spring Break Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s change up the spring break destinations by matching them with you. Here are a list of all zodiac signs and their respective spring break possibilities. From staying home to travelling Asia, there is something for everyone this year. Looking at personality traits and habits, we’ve given you the idea, now it’s your time to book the trip.


High in energy and full of life, Aries are the head of the zodiac. This calls for adventure. Consider a backpacking trip, or somewhere exciting like Asia. Grab your best friend or partner and back light, I’m sure you’ll be bringing more than memories home.


Patient, romantic and dedicated, the Taurus should travel somewhere the same. Europe, Paris or Spain will suit the Taurus well. Explore the culture and ancestry of the city you go to and embrace your romantic side. No one said love can’t be found on vacation.


Gemini’s like to embrace their inner weird side. Grab a book and your camera and hit the beach. It’s time to get your tan on and take in the warmth of the sun and breeze from the ocean.


Nurturing and in touch with their emotions, Cancer’s should consider spending time with those they care about this spring break. Travel home, or go somewhere with your loved ones to optimize your time off school with those you love.


The lion, wearing their heart on their sleeve should embrace their outgoing personality. Get your crew together and hit your classic spring break party destination. Dominican Republic, Cuba or Miami you will have a blast regardless of the location.


Virgo’s should consider giving back this spring break. Research charities, and spend your break building a school, or helping those less fortunate. Your care-taking and nurturing nature will ensure you have a lovely vacation.


Charming, loveable and exciting, Libras should embrace their love for music and see a concert this spring break. Get dressed up in one of your favourite outfits and embrace the music scene by researching what artists are playing in your most desired vacation spots.


Scorpio’s are passionate and enjoy the unique things in life. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted embrace your inner badass. Pick your bucket list vacation, a beautiful country, and spend it there this spring break.

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Risk taking and a dreamer, Sagittarius’ are one of a kind. Spend your break going international. Think China or Japan, and explore your little heart out. Try new foods, see toilet’s flush backwards, and bring home amusing souvenirs to show your friends.


Family-minded and loyal are qualities of a Capricorn.  If you’re a Capricorn, you probably already have a plan for spring break, so spend it there. Way to be organized!


Aquarius’ set out for a mission. Spend your spring break following your passions. If that takes you backpacking, or boycotting a corporation so be it. Fight for what you believe in.


The dreamer of the zodiac signs. Plan to spend your break embracing your creative side. With your vivid imagination I can assume you have a dream vacation in mind. If not, rejuvenate at the spa so you can feel refreshed for school.

Let us know your spring break plans and zodiac sign. Comment below any other suggestions or ideas for the perfect spring break.
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