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Where To Travel To This Fall, Based On Your Personality

Where To Travel To This Fall, Based On Your Personality

Leaves are starting to turn, steering wheels are no longer steaming, sunscreen sales are starting to decline and swimsuits are soon to be out of style. What do all these things have in common you might ask? Summer season is now coming to a close, and autumn is approaching. 
Some may be joyous, while others are treasuring and appreciating every dying day to the very end. But regardless of whatever side of the spectrum you’re on, just because summer is ending, that doesn’t mean your time to travel ends too. Actually, it’s just beginning!
Take a minute to check out where to travel this fall, all based on your personality:

New York, New York

If you’re almost convinced that you suffer from ADHD and you just can’t seem to sit still, New York City would obviously be your place to go year-round, but especially in the fall. It’s a concrete jungle and the LAST thing you would want is for that concrete to be scoring at 1000 degrees, so take advantage and travel during the fall season to experience the cool weather as it transitions into the later months of the year.
And although this practically goes without saying, there’s always something to do in New York. They don’t call it the city that sleeps for no reason. So bring your appetite and some cozy sneaks, and prepare to constantly be on the move!
Where To Travel To This Fall, Based On Your Personality

Tokyo, Japan

If streetwear and/or high fashion is right up your alley, I’ve got some news for you. You may travel to Tokyo and literally never leave. This place is the mecca of the streetwear/high fashion scene. You’re likely to walk past a group of people your age, completely dripped in all the latest gear, in the most effortless way.
Similar to New York, this is also a city that surely qualifies as one that doesn’t sleep. You’ll always be getting into something, and the transit here in Tokyo is insanely fast. If you always find yourself just itching to get out of the house, travel here and roam free!
Where To Travel To This Fall, Based On Your Personality

London, England

Also along the lines of fashion, London is a hot spot for anyone deeply rooted or interested in that arena. Why do you think fashion week is held there like every year? These people know their fashion. 
Be wary if you decide to travel here though, things can definitely start to get pricey, and fast. From what seems like every block you walk down, there will be boutique and boutique just screaming your name, telling you to come inside and give them your money. Don’t fall for the temptation, trust me. Going home broke after a week of travel definitely isn’t fun.
Where To Travel To This Fall, Based On Your Personality

Los Angeles, California 

Do you love mosh pits at Travis Scott concerts? How about daily Starbucks trips? What about strict beach routines to soak up the sun? 
If you’ve answered yes to any (or all) of the questions above, LA is where you want to be. There’s so much more than just walking on Hollywood stars and seeing the Hollywood sign. Hit a rooftop bar. Channel your inner hipster/hypebeast and take a trip down Fairfax or Melrose. Watch the live filming of a late-night talk show (they’re free). Go and hoop at Venice beach. 
The list is endless. If you travel here and manage to get bored, you simply aren’t looking hard enough for things to do! 
Where To Travel To This Fall, Based On Your Personality
When you travel this fall, keep your habits and tendencies and mind. Place yourself in surroundings that mirror and compliment who you are. Meet and socialize with like-minded individuals. You’ll definitely start to notice a difference in your travel experiences!

Where are your favorite fall travel spots? Let us know in the comments!

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