Where To Travel Based On Your Personality

Travel, Where To Travel Based On Your Personality

There are many places around the world to visit. Unfortunately, the only limitation is how much money we have in our bank accounts. However, if we imagine that we were all able to visit any place we wanted to, here are where you might want to go based on your personality.


Australia is home to animals, big and small, that are not found anywhere else in any other continent. Despite their size, their level of threat toward humans are still extreme. Only adventurous and brave people should consider visiting Australia, especially the Outback. Also, prepare for the massive and extreme heat that can burn down people and houses. Exaggeration, maybe, but a very serious threat.

Where To Travel Based On Your Personality


The city of lights, The city of love, France is a city for the passionate. Those who are wishing to go to France are probably people who are romantic. They probably imagine candlelight dinner in front other Eiffel Tower with their dream lover and being spoon fed spaghetti. Though a very common and lovely dream, France is also filled with much history. Though the atmosphere in modern areas are built in order to entice love enthusiast, people who love love and history should try visiting France.


England is also a very rich in history, as the country that ruled most of the worlds at once during some point in world history. There are a lot of buildings that are still up from the past, and many houses of past writers that stand as a memorial to their works. Also, there are many wonderful parks that show the true beauty of nature, as well as old estates with wonderful gardens. If you enjoy learning about the past and visiting long stretches of green fields, visit England and other areas of the United Kingdoms.


Japan is one of the few countries i n the world where technology has achieved a higher level of technology integration into society while keeping spiritual and religious structures and beliefs alive. Japan is a wonderful and intricate mix pot of past and future, built in a society founded on mutual respect and duty to each other. If you are interested in nature and technology, and the past and future, travel to Japan.

Where To Travel Based On Your Personality

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Washington D.C.

As the capital of America, many people would like to visit the home of the supposed land of the free and the home of the brave. There are many structures in Washington D.C that conveys the pride America has for itself. These monuments also serve to show the deep and long history of America, from the Lincoln Memorial to the World War Two Memorial. Many building in Washington D.C. have to do with loss and victory of America as a Nation. So, if American history is close to your heart, trey visiting Washington D.C.


Peru is a country full of amazing seafood and Incan culture. As a country with the whole west side on the coast, Peru has many amazing seafood dishes. Travel here and try ceviche, a very common and well loved dish. If you ever have the chance to visit Peru, make sure to not leave without trying out one of the variations of ceviche they have to offer scrolls Peru. Also, Perry is home to Machu Picchu, the capital of what used to Be the Incan Empire. With this structure still up, history fans of ancient civilizations will love exploring these ruins and climbing up mountains.

Where To Travel Based On Your Personality

Here are only a couple of Places to visit based on your personality. There are many more counties and cities to visit that are much more beautiful, or dense, or dangerous than what were listed here, If you guys have any more places to visit based on your [personality, share them below. 

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