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Where To Study Quietly At SDSU

Where To Study Quietly At SDSU

Are you looking for a quiet place to study at San Diego State University? Here are some of the best spots on campus known for their privacy, atmosphere, and tranquility. Let the academic juices flow when you start visiting these places!

Love Library 3rd and 4th floor

The campus Love Library holds many floors that provide students a free and quiet place to study. But, the best floors in this building have got to be the 3rd and 4th floors, sheerly due to their accommodation and the silence they provide.

There’s a variety of seating arrangements and accommodations these floors have against the rest. Because of the wide space provided to students on these levels, there can be couches, sofa chairs, tables, desks, and lone seating.


Where To Study Quietly At SDSU

Commuter Center

For the commuters at San Diego State, being on campus for very long isn’t an easy thing for you to do. Luckily, going to the Commuter Center on the second level of the Student Union offers a great spot to study, especially as it provides academic tools and materials such as pencils, notebooks, and whiteboards.

School of Public Affairs

The School of Public Affairs resides at the bottom of the PSFA building near the basement floor. On this floor is a small library accessible to students wanting a bit of peace and quiet. Because it’s a library, this area also functions as a study room.


Since this library is less commonly known than the Love Library, it experiences fewer people and therefore less disturbance, making it a great place for students who want a little rest on the western area of campus.

Arts and Letters 6th Floor

The Arts and Letters building has a surprising study area on the 6th floor that contains a small but cute patio that’s just perfect for those who want to spend their study sessions feeling the outdoor air. Indeed, it is a quaint, cozy patio that rarely gets many visitors. It’s a bit isolated, which can make it the perfect study spot for the socially introverted!

Where To Study Quietly At SDSU


Love Library Study Rooms

The study rooms we’re talking about are located inside the Love Library’s 3rd and 4th floor. Though they’re essentially in the same locale and serve the same function, instead of just lumping these two as one, the study rooms offer something unique to them: Privacy.

Maybe not too much privacy, though, as there are giant windows that give clear visuals to both sides of it. Regardless, the study rooms provide an enclosed space to separate an individual or group from the noise and distractions of the larger floors themselves. Give ’em a shot!

Student Union Hallway

Pardon the not-so-official-name of this place, but there’s really no other way to refer to it. Fair warning, this is a first-come, first-serve kind of spot.


Located in the Student Union’s second floor, there exists a large hallway between Montezuma Hall and the theatre, separating the two structures. This is a pretty wide, expansive hallway, and the staff knows it. Thus, there resides some great seating arrangements, outlets, and wonderful views. 

Media Room

On the first floor on the Dome structure is the Media Room. This room holds an impressive collection of entertainment media ranging from movies, music, and documentaries. It’s not frequented much, but it’s a good, quiet area to study in, which is really all you need when it comes to study places.

24 Hour Study Area

Why is it we keep coming back libraries in this category? Well, that should be obvious, as where else does a space offer guaranteed peace, quiet, and access to information?


Located on the ground floor of the Dome, the 24 Hour Study Area is more for group works and collaborative projects. Hence why it is so much noisier than the Love Library. But, if you’re not easily perturbed by noise, the 24 Hour Study Area is a great place to… well, study!

Where To Study Quietly At SDSU

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Old Engineering Building

The old Engineering building, while not exactly meant for study sessions, holds no classes during the evenings, meaning there are a ton of empty, available classrooms for students to stay in. Take advantage of this area should you find yourself in need of a classroom environment, but be wary of time sensitivity as you’ll only have it for a couple hours or so until the next class sessions start pouring in.

Student Union Interior Patio

The Student Union building is a relatively new addition to the SDSU campus, but already it’s made a reputation for itself as a great study lounge. The ground floor of the Student Union holds an outdoor patio with many tables and chairs scattered across it for wandering students needing a rest.

Though the outdoors can cause a lot of distractions, these tables and chairs are far distant from each other so that the studious academic can at least get privacy and comfort.


Where To Study Quietly At SDSU

The Garden

To add another not-so-official name of a place to this list, we have the garden area in between the North and South Life Sciences buildings. Near Hardy Tower, this area is just a lovely little garden that isn’t accommodating for more than a handful of people. But for those that do get the luxury of finding seating, there will be rewarded with a quaint atmosphere, beautiful plants, and an enclosed space to study your midterms at.

Empty Classrooms

Empty classrooms, in general, have a certain way with them that you just don’t often get in designated/appointed study areas. Empty classrooms have so much in them you could use already: a whiteboard, study tools, desks and seating, classroom supplies, etc. Truly, there is no better academic environment than inside the classroom.


Some people find it relaxing to conflate their class sessions with their study sessions, something innate in us that associates the classroom with learning. Whatever the case, an empty classroom is more than enough guarantee for students to buckle down and start studying seriously.

Where To Study Quietly At SDSU

What SDSU areas have you designated as your study spots? Share below to help your fellow students out!