Where To Stay In Miami If You’re Headed To Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl is very well-known for being the biggest football game there ever could be. So much so that other big sports championships (i.e. The World Series, The Pro Cup, and even WrestleMania) refer to it as the “super bowl” of their sport. This year, Super Bowl LIV is being hosted at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Miami is probably one of the largest cities in America, it offers a variety of hotels that give their own flair of the city. From the beaches to the art districts and the lively nightlife, the many hotels and lodges this city has to offer can make anyone feel like a local. Here are some of the many choices of hotels and lodges to stay In Miami for this year’s Super Bowl. Especially if you plan to book your trip earlier on in the game.

1. The Mayfair at Coconut Grove

This first Miami resort is usually the first image that can come into anyone’s mind when they think of a beach getaway. The view of the beach just minutes and the ocean under the setting sun. And, that’s just the view from the pool. Combining design components from countries like Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, their vision is to “pamper guests in an atmosphere that is both intimate and indulgent.”

2. Washington Park Hotel

If you’re looking to continue the party after your teams’ big win, this next Miami resort is located at the heart of South Beach, steps away from the local bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. However you choose to celebrate, you are put “right in the midst of the action, while our plush, spacious rooms mean relaxing in comfort, style, and tranquility, even while Miami pulsates outside.”


Where To Stay In Miami If You’re Headed To Super Bowl LIV

3. Life House Little Havana/Collins Park/South of Fifth

This next assemblage of Miami lodges put comfort into their interior, making it subtle enough to experience the rest of the city, as well as the biggest football game of the year. With two locations with their own trails to Miami Beach, and one in the city, this local chain creates an environment for newcomers “that is comfortable and well-appointed for discovery, you take it from there. Exposure to new faces, places, and cultures leads to a more fulfilling life. Our name was born out of this belief, and in the ability to breath life into properties that may be otherwise overlooked.”

4. Hotel St. Augustine

This next Miami spot, listed as a boutique hotel, has a goal to provide a sanctuary for its stayers. Steps away from the South Beach nightlife, it allows you to come back to peace and serenity after such an event like the Super Bowl while keeping the artistic vibes that the city provides.


5. Zenmotel

Located in the Mimo part of Miami, this next inn is your “om away from home.” Right as you walk through the doors, you immediately feel a sense of peace and serenity with its “color schemes, cultural décor, and a casual classiness that is ideal for business and pleasure travelers alike. From its blended technology to modern furnishings to Zen-like environment, ZenMotel Inn offers the perfect hideaway and retreat from the hustle and bustle of the big city.”

Where To Stay In Miami If You’re Headed To Super Bowl LIV

6. Hudson House

If you’re a college student sticking to a budget, pay close attention to this next chain of hotels. They provide the comforts you would want at your own home(including your own kitchen, utilities, and a patio that overlooks the beach), at some of the most affordable prices. Whether you’re staying for a day, a week, or a month, this luxurious space is bound to feel like your home away from home.


7. Fashion Boutique Hotel

If glamour is your go-to in a beach city getaway, then feast your eyes on this next Miami stay. This hotel combines modern design with their original take on Art Deco. The paintings and sculptures on every corner are so extraordinary it’s like having a museum in the comfort of your own room. Even their upper deck patio is like stepping into a fashion show.

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Where To Stay In Miami If You’re Headed To Super Bowl LIV


8. Krymwood Flats Wynwood

This next part of Miami is known for its many murals, art museums, and funky night spots. Perfect for any artsy type visiting the city for any occasion. And, this next lodge blends right into this scene, enough to make anyone seem like a local. In fact, you don’t even have to be on vacation to stay in the fully furnished studio rooms. They offer temporary and longer-term stays for any and every reason including but not limited to relocating a new job, working on an extended project away from home, even if you’re spending a college semester in Miami.

9. Marseilles Hotel

If you’re one to add a little glitz to a relaxing getaway, even with such a big game, it’s all the more reason to enjoy it with a good group of friends. What better place to experience such serenity in the “heart of paradise”? This lodge is the place to soak up the sun, “swing in a hammock or swim in the ocean. Unwind on a lounge in our private beach area or enjoy exclusive access to our new poolside sundeck and furnished cabanas. There’s no better place to catch a tan, people watch, and sip mojitos.” All in its own Miami style.

10. Beach Park Hotel

Let’s go back to that first image of the view of the setting sun from your window, shall we? This one is only steps away from the beach right on Ocean Drive. They even call themselves a “truly authentic South Beach experience.”


11. Any Airbnb

Of course, if you’re one to not prefer to pay too much for a hotel, would rather not deal with the city life, or plan to bring a bigger party with you, there’s no saying you can’t rent an Airbnb. Chances are, there may be a lot more rentals than you think there are because of how much they can blend into any neighborhood. Other Miami can be that simple enhancement you need for your stay with the addition of your own spa, an entrance to the beach, or that perfect view of the rising sun.

Which of these Miami lodgings would be perfect for your Super Bowl stay? Let me know in the comments below?

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