Where To Shop For Sorority Recruitment So You Can Look Your Best

When it comes to sorority recruitment you always want to dress to impress. After all, if you look a mess and not put together it can give potential new members (PNMs) the wrong idea about your sorority. You represent your sorority, part of that is how you act and another part is how you dress during sorority recruitment. Recruitment is about dressing up according to your theme and supporting your Recruitment Chairwoman who puts in a lot of work to make sorority recruitment fun and exciting for everyone. Of course it can be hard sometimes to dress up in order to fit the theme AND look good if you are a broke college student (or nearly broke) or if this is your first sorority recruitment and you don’t know where to even shop. To save you some frustration here is Where To Shop For Sorority Recruitment So You Can Look Your Best!

Where To Shop For Sorority Recruitment So You Can Look Your Best

1. Forever 21

Forever 21 has a little bit of everything. You can find some amazing quality pieces to add to your recruitment outfit but they also have some fun and a little weird pieces for Bid Day. Get fun accessories to go with your outfit and liven it up. You can get a lot of basics but make an  incredible outfit as long as you are accessorizing.

2. Missguided

If you have more time to shop and look around then consider checking out Missguided. The online retailer has basically everything you need; tops, jeans, skirts, sleepwear, accessories, shoes, beauty and a whole lot more!

3. Pretty Little Thing

Another online retailer where you can shop for, again, basically any type of clothing you need for sorority recruitment. Missguided and Pretty Little Thing are always having sales and they both have student discounts. Delivery could take as long as two weeks so plan and order ahead incase your order doesn’t fit correctly and you are forced to return it.

4. Lulus

Lulus is a little more on the pricey side but perfect for dresses that are girly and loose. They offer 15% off for students so if you’re theme ever involves an outfit perfect for brunch, then give Lulus a go.

5. Amazon

The place to get literally anything. From furniture to wardrobe, they will hook it up for you. And for $6.49 a month you can get Prime Student and get two- day, or same- day delivery on all of your items, just incase there’s ever a wardrobe mishap or you really like to procrastinate.

Where To Shop For Sorority Recruitment So You Can Look Your Best

6. Claires

Now you can’t actually but any clothing items at Claires but it’s still the perfect place for any accessories. If you have a theme that requires flower crowns than this is the place to go.

7. Any Of Your Sister’s Closet

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend money then going through your sorority sister’s closet may be the place for you, just make sure to ask before you do.

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Where To Shop For Sorority Recruitment So You Can Look Your Best

8. Etsy

The number one place where most girls will get their big and little shirt’s. But it’s also the place to get any custom and unique pieces for your sorority recruitment outfit.

9. Tiger Mist

The Australian brand has tons of unique dresses, so you are bound to like at least five. They too are a bit pricey but the quality of the material is worth it.

10. Thrift Store

You can also find a great outfit at your local thrift store, but don’t be afraid to DIY it and make it your own unique piece.

What is your favorite place to do your sorority recruitment shopping? Go Greek and comment below!

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