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Where To Go On A First Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Where To Go On A First Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Planning a first date can be nerve-racking when you want to make a good first impression.¬†Exciting first dates aren’t too common anymore, especially with the increasing popularity of dating apps and casual dating nowadays. Yet, some of us are still craving going on fun and exciting dates with someone new. Sometimes, though, planning the date is the hardest part. If you know your date’s zodiac sign, it may help you in determining where you should go on a date!

Aries – Arcade

Aries are known for being energetic and craving competition. They have the reputation of being a little chaotic but always fun to be around. Going to an arcade is the perfect date for an Aries, as it offers both fun competition and a relaxed atmosphere for a first date. People born under the Aries moon are fearless and look for entertainment in life. Any date that isn’t overly boring or plain is the perfect way to an Aries’ heart!


Taurus – Home-Cooked Meal

When trying to determine the best first date for a Taurus, you want to go for something practical and well-grounded. They love romance, yet want simplicity in their lives. Having a home-cooked meal with a Taurus is a foolproof first date, as it shows the effort you put into the date without going to extraordinary lengths to impress. A Taurus is a loyal and romantic person and wants someone to appeal to these qualities.

Gemini – Bike Around Town

A Gemini is considered to represent two different characteristics: being sociable and ready for any adventure, yet getting serious and restless exceptionally quickly. They love to see the world and are adaptable to any new situation. Taking a Gemini out to bike around the town is a simple yet thoughtful date. It might not be the most effortless way to keep a conversation going, but stopping to take in the views will allow for some great conversation.


Cancer – Drive-In Movie

Cancer signs are known to be one of the most difficult to understand. They are emotional and care so much about everyone close to them. Loyalty is one of the most important characteristics they need in a partner. Silent contact is the best way for a Cancer to feel comfortable with someone new. Going to a drive-in movie gives you a way to be close with them without intimacy being initiated too early on.


Leo – Fancy Dinner

Leos are known to be dramatic, dominant, and extremely self-confident. Whether you consider these to be negative or positive attributes, Leos see the world with passion and joy. A Leo is a fire element, making them similar to Aries and Sagittarius. Fire elements are just that: fiery! Leos crave anything big and dramatic, and a fancy dinner is just the way to do that. It may seem slightly extravagant for a first date, but if you really want to impress a Leo, an over-the-top date is how to do it!

Virgo – Sporting Event

Virgos are some of the most cautious signs there are. Every compact task is taken on by a methodical approach. Going on a first date may be nerve-racking for a Virgo, due to their shy nature. Virgos want to feel as though every experience is a new one, so try taking them out to a sporting event that they haven’t been to or even a game of their favorite sport! It can be a high school game or minor league team playing in town; either way, a sporting event is a perfect date for a shy Virgo who craves new experiences.


Libra – Mini Golf

Libras are social and peaceful beings who love the outdoors. Libras are not typically competitive people, so mini golf is a considerable way to have fun without getting overly involved in the activity. Looking for the right partner is extremely important to a Libra. Mini golf allows you to get to know one another in a fun environment without the excessive pressure that usually comes with a first date!


Scorpio – Bowling

Scorpios are natural-born leaders who like to take initiative in any situation. They are often known as calm, cool, and mysterious beings. Taking a Scorpio out on a bowling date, although a classic first date, is a quality way to have some fun competition and joke about who’s winning without too much care. Scorpios can often enjoy the chase more than the catch, so make sure to release any worry before the date starts and enjoy your bowling match.

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Sagittarius – Canoeing

A Sagittarius longs for traveling and being in the outdoors. They want to explore the world and have an open mind on all the adventures life brings them. They are optimistic and will do anything they set their mind to. While other outdoor or adventurous dates would win a Sagittarius over, canoeing feels like a significant way to have a good conversation while still venturing out. Seeing the world and the beautiful views while creating a strong relationship is a great way to a Sagittarius’ heart.

Capricorn – Comedy Show

¬†Capricorns are typically known to be stubborn and have stiff personalities. This might make finding the right date night location difficult, but don’t worry too much! Taking a Capricorn to a comedy show is the perfect first date. A comedy show is a relaxing atmosphere where it is almost impossible not to enjoy yourself. Capricorns want someone who will always keep them smiling, so a comedy show is a great way to make a positive first impression without feeling the pressure of talking all night long.


Aquarius – Picnic

People born under the Aquarius sign crave intellectual and meaningful discussions. They can be both free-spirited yet shy at the same time. Taking an Aquarius on a first date to a picnic will allow them to feel safe and comfortable out in public, while still being able to foster deep conversations. It is a light date that does not inflict too much stress, but is still romantic and cute for any first date!


Pisces – Painting With A Twist

Pisces are very intuitive and artistic beings. They are one of the most friendly and sensitive signs. If you don’t know where to take a Pisces on a date, just know they are very kind and selfless. Painting for a first date will allow for a relaxed environment, as there will be other people around. It will also be a fun place to go when meeting someone new! Painting with a Twist offers a unique date idea that allows you to be creative, have some drinks, and not feel required to keep a constant conversation going.¬†

Would you try any of these first date options based on your zodiac sign? Tell us your favorite dates in the comments!

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