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Where To Get The Best Breakfast Tacos In Houston

Where To Get The Best Breakfast Tacos In Houston

Houston is known for having great mexican food. If you love tacos and also love breakfast, then breakfast tacos are for you. Here's where to get the best breakfast tacos in Houston!

You aren’t a true Texan without a deep and undying love for breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos are honestly the answer to so many questions, like: what cures a hangover? What’s for breakfast? What’s fast, cheap and delicious? What can you eat now but also save for later? And the list goes on. Here’s a few places (but certainly not all) that you can find the best breakfast tacos in Houston!

Laredo Taqueria

Don’t expect any over the top breakfast tacos at Laredo Taqueria on Washington. This place is for the classic breakfast taco lovers; think eggs, meat and cheese. But don’t let the simplicity fool you! These tacos are full of flavor, and they generally have a line out the door to prove it. But trust me, the patience pays off!



Texas Tamale Company

You might have heard of Texas Tamale Company for their tamales (you can buy them frozen now at HEB), but their breakfast tacos are no joke either! I have never seen this one room restaurant without a line, which must say something! Order a few chorizo, egg and cheese tacos, and if you’re hungry, a half a dozen tamale (you might as well, right?)

Brother’s Taco House

Located in Eado, Brother’s Taco House is an east side institution.  And you better know what you want when you walk into Brother’s, because there’s a line out the door of hungry taco goers! You’ll find all the classics here; from the simple bacon or sausage, to picadillo. There’s a taco here for everyone. And at a $1.50 a taco, feel free to get them all!


Tacos A Go Go

If you’re looking for more of a sit-down place rather than a stand in line place, Tacos A Go Go is a good option (and the food is pretty delicious also). They serve their breakfast tacos all day, and it’s a good option if you want some of the less traditional flavors, or if you want some more vegetarian options. Try an egg, black bean and spinach, or a mushroom and tomato for something a little different!

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Dona Maria

Looking for the ultimate in greasy delicious breakfast tacos? Look no further than Dona Maria. Located on Navigation, in East Downtown, Dona Maria is a must for breakfast taco lovers. They’ve got all your classic flavor combos, but try the Huevo con Chicharron for a new take!

Where else do you think has the best breakfast tacos in Houston?! Let us know down below!
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