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Where To Eat Outside In Boston

Where To Eat Outside In Boston

The time has finally come where we can enjoy patio seating at restaurants and breweries. Since summer is here, it’s time to soak up the sun, and experience the little things we missed – like eating at our favorite restaurants. While we can’t go to bars just yet, or sit inside at restaurants, we can still grab a drink with our friends and relax on an outdoor patio – which honestly, sounds much better than being inside or at a crowded table. Here’s where to eat outside in Boston this summer!


One of the absolute best places to watch the sunset in Boston is Alcove. Located on Lovejoy Wharf, Alcove has outdoor patio seating that looks directly at the Zakim Bridge. The Zakim Bridge represents Boston in many ways, since you can get directly into the city from it, while also watching all the cars pass by, and catching the sunset while eating dinner. Alcove has a great menu offering delicious appetizers and sides (such as crispy smashed potatoes and fried shishito peppers) to share with friends or family, as well some refreshing as ever cocktails (highly recommend the Bayside, if you like tequila and spicy drinks!). You can make reservations on Open Table – this place will especially be perfect for any date night, or just catching up with a few friends. 

Ned Devines

Yes, Ned Devines is a spot for clubbing with your friends. While you won’t be waiting in line to party on a Friday night here, you can still go to Ned Devines for dinner and cocktails. Ned’s is located right in Faneuil Hall, so it’s definitely hard to miss and worth going to if you’re a tourist in Boston. This Irish Pub has some of the best outdoor seating, to have a view of one of Boston’s biggest tourist attractions, Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market. From here, you can enjoy the upbeat atmosphere of the city, maybe watch some street performances, relax in the sun or the shade, and eat some great pub food. There is a good amount of Boston inspired food such as chowder fries, and Sam Adams chicken tenders. If you’re looking to get outside this summer, Ned’s has a good list of cocktails, wine, beer and cider to enjoy in nice weather with your friends. You can also reserve a spot here on Open Table!


It will probably be hard to reserve a spot for the night of if you’re looking to eat in the North End. But, if you plan a dinner right and reserve a table ahead of time – Bricco is the perfect outside option for eating in Boston. One of the most loved restaurants in the North End, opened up their patio seating on Hanover St. recently and I’m sure people couldn’t be happier. For quality, authentic and delicious Italian food – Bricco is the way to go. You can enjoy a sunset dinner, or a late meal at Bricco and also soak up all the North End has to offer, including the strip of restaurants with outdoor seating. At Bricco, you can get some of the best pasta you’ll ever have, some amazing appetizers, desserts and literally everything else. Like a lot of these restaurants with outdoor seating – you can book a table for Bricco on Open Table.

Where To Eat Outside In Boston


Right on Newbury Street lies the restaurant, Cafeteria. Here, you can share a carafe of sangria with your friends, eat outside and be immersed in one of the busiest streets for shopping in Boston. This is a perfect brunch spot for a nice summer morning, and an even better spot for lunch or dinner in the city. Their menus for the day offer a variety of food, such as burgers, salads, sandwiches, tacos, and more. Cafeteria fills up quickly with limited outdoor seating, and since it’s a popular spot due to being in the middle of Newbury Street!

Strega Waterfront

First date night out since quarantine? Get fancy this summer and head to Strega Waterfront in the Seaport. You will not only have a nice Italian dinner and great service, you will be a short walk away from enjoying a view of the harbor. The Seaport area of Boston is one of the best places to enjoy the summer since you’re so close to the water. Strega opened up their patio seating recently, so now is the time to head there for your first real outing in months!

Where To Eat Outside In Boston

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Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina

If you are a Food Network fan, you know of Guy Fieri. Just last year, Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina opened up on Causeway street in Boston. If you have not checked it out yet, this summer may be a good time to. What’s better than eating fresh food, drinking a margarita and chillin outside in the sun? Nothing. Tequila Cocina opened up their patio seating recently, and can also be found on Open Table for reservations. The menu is inspired by Latin cuisine and includes a good amount of tacos, desserts, appetizers, entrees and of course – crafted cocktails. You can say you went to Flavortown if you visit Tequila Cocina this summer!

Where To Eat Outside In Boston

Buttermilk & Bourbon

Another restaurant founded by a well known chef, Jason Santos, is the southern restaurant, Buttermilk & Bourbon. Located on Commonwealth Avenue, Buttermilk & Bourbon just recently opened their patio seating as well. Here, you’ll find a big mix of seafood and chicken based dishes. And of course, their signature buttermilk fried chicken, that is available in wings, thighs, or a half chicken with one of their sauces, such as Nashville hot or BBQ syrup. And yes, you’ll also find a ton of different bourbons – so if you’re a fan of bourbon, this place is for you. Or, just try one of their other crafted cocktails with some quality chicken. You can find Buttermilk & Bourbon’s availability for outdoor seating on Open Table!

Where To Eat Outside In Boston

Where are you excited about going this summer? Have you tried any of these restaurants? Let us know in the comments!
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