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Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year

Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year

Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year

The need for Easter Decor is fast approaching! April will be here before you know it and so will the need to go all out in seasonal decor. So browse our top store selections to find all the Easter baskets, bunny ears, and more to go all out this year and create Pinterest-worthy holiday displays. From Target to your local Walgreens, finding quality selections of decorations at a great price is at your fingertips.


The first stop for Easter decor should be Target! If you didn’t know, now you do. Nearer to April you will be greeted at the door with the treasure trove of $1 items that you can rack up and even use to fill some Easter baskets; if that’s a family tradition. Currently on sale on the Target website is an Inflatable Bunny as well as a beautiful array of decorative Easter wreaths in pinks, yellows, and green flower assortments. Don’t leave the store without picking up a bag of the tasty Starburst Red flavored jellybeans that make their appearance, like the Easter bunny, once a year. So don’t miss out!

Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year


Shop Wayfair online for Easter Decor to match every style and budget. From throw pillows adorn with fluffy white bunnies or acrylic paintings that can hang on your walls all- year- round, Wayfair should be the next place to shop for all your Easter decor needs.

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You probably are surprised to see Walgreens on this list but we were pretty surprised to learn that this place sells pretty holiday-friendly decor items. Walgreens is also a great place to pick up all the Easter candy and plastic eggs you may need. I mean is it really Easter if there aren’t Easter eggs? So make sure to grab your sweet tooth and snatch up all the holiday candy once it appears in stores. Plus, if you have a store discount card the deals will be even sweeter!

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I probably don’t have to stress the deals you’ll find on Amazon right now but just in case, browse this awesome website for everything you may need especially Easter decor. You will find pages of decorations for your room, common area, or even to use and have back home at Mom and Dad’s. So if in-store shopping is not your thing, beat the crowd and save yourself some time by shopping online on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, you can enjoy the additional two- day delivery for free.

Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year

Dollar Store

Your local dollar stores are a good place to hunt for decorations. It’s true the quality isn’t the greatest but if you are in a pinch and need some last-minute decorative items it’s worth the venture to. Dollar stores are great places to shop at when looking for holiday window stickers or any other decorations that you need just for the day of. So leave all the more expensive and quality items for other stores but for items you’re just going to toss, hit the dollar store!

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Hobby Lobby

Hobby lobby is a glorified arts and crafts store that offers the best in project, party, and home supplies. The founder, David Green, is a devoted Christian who also runs his company on Christian values. So you can only imagine the stock of Easter decor this place will have; just don’t plan to shop on a Sunday!

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TJMaxx/ Marshalls

Both TJMaxx and Marshalls are umbrella stores under the TJX company. They both have great home goods and household sections that offer quality products at a discount compared to big department stores. These stores are know for their lavish and extensive display fixtures for seasonal holidays. Shop here for Easter decors such as glass bunnies, Easter baskets, or vintage tin cans perfect for freshly baked cookies or other sharable snacks.

Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year

Party City

Party City is a great place to go for balloons, plates, napkins, and cups in cute easter designs. Also, this is a great place to pick up some fashionable and wearable bunny ears in the costume section. Party City is of the few places you can shop at to find a cool piñata for the occasion if that’s your thing.

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Pier One

For Spring home accents that will last a few years head to Pier one! Here you will find good quality items such as drink coasters, food platters, floral wreaths, cardholders, and bunny-eared napkin rings for Easter that you will use reuse every year. Pier one might be on the more pricer side so make sure to check out their website and compare merchandise to other stores before purchasing.

Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year

Michael’s Craft Store

Are you a fan of do-it-yourself projects? If so, Michael’s is a one-stop-shop for all your creative and innovative needs. You’ll find Easter decor galore but so much more. Choose from an assortment of paper in many different colors, types, and textures which is perfect to create homemade Easter cards or name tags for the table. Head in the bakery section for seasonal cookie cut-outs in the shape of eggs or bunnies or purchase melted chocolates in pink, yellow, and green for all your baking needs. Whatever you lack, you’ll find it at Michael’s.

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Christmas Tree Shop

The Christmas tree shop is any bargain hunters paradise! Score great deals on seasonal items from clocks to dinner plate sets for less than $15. You’ll never walk away empty hand since the store is constantly having an on-going sale and offers cute decor at such a low price. Even in April, you’ll feel the magical Christmas spirit in the air and good tidings of sales every time you shop.

Where To Buy All Your Easter Decor On A Budget This Year

Make sure to hit up these stores for all the latest and cheapest Easter Decor you may need this April. Shop smart by shopping at these local stores near you for all your seasonal holiday needs. We want to hear from you! Where are your favorite places to shop for all your holiday needs? Leave a comment below!

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