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Where To Get Your Own Twilight Bella Ring

Where To Get Your Own Twilight Bella Ring

The Twilight Bella ring has some seriously cute knock-offs that you could buy for an insanely affordable price. Check out the Bella engagement ring knockoff

Alright, don’t lie. Most of us have probably gone through a Twilight phase at one point in our lives. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t read all the books in a week during my freshman year of high school. For the devote fans, I’m sure there was one prop that caught your attention during the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 saga: the Twilight Bella ring.

You know, the ring from her immortal lover Edward Cullen. Obviously we can’t score the Twilight Bella ring for it’s original price, roughly $5,000. The long oval set ring with multiple glittering diamonds is a ring worth swooning over. What’s even more jaw-dropping is the fact that a super-fan dropped 17k on the ring worn by Kristen Stewart. Luckily, if you’re into the twilight Bella ring, you won’t need to drop that much dough. Here are a few faux rings that are pretty close to the real deal.

Twilight Ring Replica

Coming in sizes ranging from 6-10 this is a pretty good faux ring. Reviewers say the ring is lightweight which is a bonus considering the ring looks huge. Must say $10 is a pretty good deal.


Love Ring

The jewels on this one look a bit more distinct and obvious than the prior ring which is just my opinion. If you are looking to show off the studs a bit more, this option is a good one. Plus it’s only five dollars more.

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Flat Twilight Ring

This ring is a bit more unique than the others. The edging on the outskirts of the ring add an extra element that makes this ring stand out a bit more. It’s also pretty cool that the ring has a flat dimension to it rather than a curved surface. This ring is also the cheapest of the bunch, selling for only $6.

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