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Where To Get Your Own Twilight Bella Ring

Where To Get Your Own Twilight Bella Ring

The Twilight Bella ring has some seriously cute knock-offs that you could buy for an insanely affordable price. Check out the Bella engagement ring knockoff

Alright, don’t lie. Most of us have probably gone through a Twilight phase at one point in our lives. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t read all the books in a week during my freshman year of high school. For the devote fans, I’m sure there was one prop that caught your attention during the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 saga: the Twilight Bella ring.

The big one: The prop ring was by far the biggest seller of the whole event

You know, the ring from her immortal lover Edward Cullen. Obviously we can’t score the Twilight Bella ring for it’s original price, roughly $5,000. The long oval set ring with multiple glittering diamonds is a ring worth swooning over. What’s even more jaw-dropping is the fact that a super-fan dropped 17k on the ring worn by Kristen Stewart. Luckily, if you’re into the twilight Bella ring, you won’t need to drop that much dough. Here are a few faux rings that are pretty close to the real deal.

Twilight Ring Replica

Coming in sizes ranging from 6-10 this is a pretty good faux ring. Reviewers say the ring is lightweight which is a bonus considering the ring looks huge. Must say $10 is a pretty good deal.

Love Ring

The jewels on this one look a bit more distinct and obvious than the prior ring which is just my opinion. If you are looking to show off the studs a bit more, this option is a good one. Plus it’s only five dollars more.

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Flat Twilight Ring

This ring is a bit more unique than the others. The edging on the outskirts of the ring add an extra element that makes this ring stand out a bit more. It’s also pretty cool that the ring has a flat dimension to it rather than a curved surface. This ring is also the cheapest of the bunch, selling for only $6.

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