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12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Los Angeles

12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Los Angeles

This is an honest list of people you will most likely run into when in Los Angeles! LA is known for the Hollywood crowd of celebs and wannabes.

Living in Los Angeles gives you the opportunity to meet many different personalities throughout the city. Theres a high chance majority of those people are striving to make it in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s the scamming manager or stoner, you will meet people who will have you wondering if moving out of LA should be an option. If you’re planning on moving or visiting LA, I’m here to help you not get scammed in the landed of actors and clout chasers! Here are 12 people you’ll run into when in Los Angeles!

1. The Actor

The actor is usually a transplant from another state or country who’s always had dreams of being a star in Hollywood. LA is filled of actors! Your local grocery store cashier and Uber driver are most likely actors hoping to get their big break in comedy or have a short cameo in an action film. Actors will never shut up about their craft and will use you as practice for an upcoming role! Be careful of actors, they might take advantage of you. Actors know how to act the part even if that means being fake!

When in Los Angeles you will run into these people!

2. The Stoner

LA is known for its weed culture. It’s actually legal to smoke weed in California for recreational purposes. People come here to smoke weed because the strains sold in their town is trash. There’s a chance you will smell weed at least 10 times a week. Stoners are portrayed as lazy and hungry in the media, but I’ve met plenty of stoners who have turned their love for weed into a business. Stoners who profit off their passion usually own dispensaries around the city and supply this generations favorite rappers with weed. Honestly, stoners are by far some of the nicest people you will meet out here! They are chill and will talk to you about anything. This is one of the people you’ll meet when in Los Angeles.

When in Los Angeles you will run into these people!

3. The Transplant

Transplants are people who move from one location to another due to work or the desire to run away from their troubles back home. They usually like to talk about why they moved to LA. Depending on their personality, they either love the superficial LA lifestyle or complain about people being fake in the city. Transplants are also the reason why LA has the stereotype of being superficial. Most importantly, transplants are the reason this city is getting expensive and gentrified. Everyone wants to move here!

4. The Clout Chaser

Clout Chasers is a person who is willing to take advantage of others to gain popularity and career opportunities. They usually go to clubs and industry events to mingle around with celebrities and executives to take pictures and post it on Instagram. Clout Chasers will go far enough to date a public figure to steal that persons audience and start their own empire. Clout Chasers are users and scammers. Don’t befriend a Clout Chaser! This is a person you will meet but need to stray away when in Los Angeles!

When in Los Angeles you will run into these people!

5. The Instagram Model

This town is filled with Instagram Models who move to get better opportunities with companies looking for influencers and faces to model their brand. They usually walk around the street posing by street signs or looking for wall murals to match their motivational caption. Depending on your following count, there’s a 50/50 chance of them acknowledging you on the street!

6. The Youtuber

They carry vlog cameras wherever they go. They’re not afraid to video tape any interaction with you because there’s a chance of them going viral. They’re purpose is to go viral and make money off of YouTube and their sponsors. Depending on their fan base, they’ll act slightly childish towards certain fans. Like any other internet famous person depending on their following and surround, they have a chance of being humble. This is absolutely someone you’ll run into on the streets when in Los Angeles!

When in Los Angeles you will run into these people! #LA

7. The Celebrity

There are celebrities all over LA. There’s a chance you’ll be standing in line with them at the grocery store or waiting in line to the hottest brunch spot. Some celebrities prefer to be left alone, while others like to make it known that they’re famous and deserve higher treatment. Honestly it depends on who you end up meeting. I personally don’t approach celebrities because you never know the mood of the day. Who wants their celebrity crush to reject taking a selfie with them?

8. The Local

Locals are by far the nicest people in LA. They’ve seen people come and go after failing to make it in entertainment or moving back home for better opportunities. Locals know everything when it comes to secret hang out spots in the city. Locals love to complain about transplants because they’re making the traffic worst and boosting the rent prices!

When in Los Angeles you will run into these people!

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9. The Groupie

Groupies usually find ways to date the hottest athletes and musicians to brag and show off on social media. There’s a chance you’ll see them in every background of your favorite celebrities picture. Just because they’re messing with your celebrity crush doesn’t mean they’re being claimed. Never mess around with someone who won’t claim or acknowledge you.

10. The Socialite

They’re famous for being friends or family members of  celebrities. Socialites will name drop in every single conversation. Depending on their popularity, there’s a chance paparazzi will be following them on the street. Most importantly, some socialites maybe known in LA but are irrelevant in cities like NYC and Atlanta! This is someone you’ll surely run into when in Los Angeles!

When in Los Angeles you will run into these people!

11. The LandLord

Land Lords run LA! They will hike up rent and gladly see you move to a different location. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet a landlord who can offer a rent controlled apartment. This can be relatable for someone living anywhere. If you plan on paying rent or getting an AirBnb, you will have to deal with a landlord or some sort of responsible housing figure!

12. The Soundcloud Rapper

They usually have colorful hair and filled with tattoos all over their face. They may look like assholes, but their actually nice and are able to hold a conversation about anything. They tend to explain their artistry to show their difference between one another. Also expect them to have a large entourage, that has looks similar to theirs. This is public figure in the industry you’ll run into when in Los Angeles!

When in Los Angeles you will run into these people!

Are there any other people you’ll run into when in Los Angeles? Are you planning of moving or taking a trip to LA?  Comment below and share this article with your friends!

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