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What’s Your Sign Telling You About Your Flirty Friend?

What’s Your Sign Telling You About Your Flirty Friend?

Going to class is so much more exciting when you have that flirty friend to think about. 12 types for 12 signs and all you can think about is when is he going to make that first move? Well, you’re in luck because chances are he’s already there. Here’s 12 signs to know whether he’s over the moon for you. 

1. Fiery Aries

 Aries’s fiery passionate and free-flowing nature is what catches the attention of everyone in the room. They flash a smile or a seductive wink and people come running to the flame. There’s no doubt your flirty friend is after you, the question is, do you want them? Aries love the chase, but as soon as they have them within their reach, they like to cool it off and move on. 

2. Sweet On Taurus

Persistence and loyalty go hand in hand when it comes to Taurus. They’ve got their eye on Flirty Friend and they won’t let them go. Taurus are known to be the stubborn ones of the group, but what’s so wrong with knowing what you want and going after it? Don’t let anyone doubt you Taurus, your Flirty Friend is sending you all the right signs. Sit back, calm the bull, and wait for them to come to you.


3. Sparks Fly Gemini

Gemini, double the fun and double the humor. Their quick wit and sharp comebacks keep any Flirty Friend on their feet. That’s what makes getting to know them so enjoyable. Gemini is the life of the party and they will show you how to loosen up. Your Friend is sending you those flirty signals Gemini, let’s see if he can keep us with you.

4. Crushing on Cancer

Cancer’s empathetic nature draws in any Flirty Friend looking for something serious and lasting. Cancer’s are protective of themselves, a connection with them may start out as something light and casual. Once you dig deep, you’ll see how caring they can be. Cancer, he may be your Flirty Friend, but with your style, you can easily turn him into a Flirty BF.


5. Love Sick Leo

Leo can be very selective with who they spend their time admiring, especially a potential Flirty Friend. They are very confident in themselves, so they need the same in a partner. Leo loves attention, so if you’re looking for them to come to you, good luck. You’re going to need to work at it to get a Leo on your arm. Leo won’t have any trouble catching the eye on a cutie, looks like you already did. You are rocking it Leo and don’t ever settle for less.

6. Virgo Vibes

Intelligence, down to earth, what more can a Flirty Friend want than a Virgo. Virgos make impacts in the love department. Virgos are very calculated people and they know how to achieve what they want around them. Something to work on this week, is the patience for your prince to appear. Stick to your plan Virgo and your Flirt Friend will come knocking down your door.


7. Leveled Libra

Libra is always fair with giving away their love, which is what attracts their Flirty Friend to them. They give as much as they get and they work through conflicts together. Libras believe in having a healthy balance of work and fun, but be careful, they can lose interest pretty fast. You’re Flirty Friend has his eye on you Libra, but act quick. If they don’t receive what they feel they deserve, they might slip away.

8. Seductive Scorpio 

Scorpios always have that sense of mystery to them and their Flirty Friend sees it too. They’re very private with their love life, their sly, sexy moves are so quick and subtle. They are also known for being a bit distrusting. Have the confidence that whatever you’re doing Scorpio, has you on their radar. Your Flirty Friend is into you Scorpio, you just have to trust they are genuine.


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9. Sagittarius Suave

Sagittarius are sweet talkers when it comes to chatting up 1…2…maybe even 3 Flirty Friends at a time. They get the attention of many, but the real challenge is picking someone for a serious relationship. Sagittarius doesn’t have trouble figuring out who’s crushing on her this week. They have the eyes of many guys, but choosing the right one can be harder than having any at all. It’s time to settle down Sag, commitment is just around the corner for you.


10. Crazy For Capricorn 

Capricorns have always been the hard workers of the group. Finding out if their Flirty Friend is interested has turned into more of a challenge than a desire. Capricorns are natural born leaders and are in control of their love life. Sorry to tell you Cap, love isn’t always a puzzle you need to solve. You have to let yourself fall in love and see where that takes you.

11. Adoring Aquarius 

Free-spirited Aquarius loves the attention of those around them, especially if it’s coming from their Flirty Friend. Aquarius love their independence, but at the end of the day, they also want to come home and curl up next to someone and be held. Aquarius looks for strength in a partner that can lead with them. Be open to for love Aquarius and your Flirty Friend will notice your shine.


12. Soft Spot Pisces 

Pisces love to be in love and the thought of that Flirty Friend giving them attention makes them cry a million happy tears. You have to be careful with a Pisces heart because they give away their love so easily. If Pisces has a Flirty Friend looking in her direction, it’s they’re kind smile and warm eyes that sends guys over the moon. There’s no doubt a Pisces touch can win his heart.

Is your Flirty Friend diving in or taking a step back? Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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