What Your Starter Kanto Pokemon Says About You

Pokemon, What Your Starter Kanto Pokemon Says About You

Do you pick the Pokemon because of how cool they look? Do you pick the Pokemon because you know you can train them to be their best in the many Pokemon battles you’ll face? There may be many different reasons for picking a starter Pokemon, here are things that one might deduce based on your choice.


Whether you are new to the Pokemon games and series or are already into the game, most of us know that the most important rule in the game and the TV series Pokemon is that there will always be a type advantage. It is common for all the games that you can only pick one out of the three starter Pokemon, and this stems from the first generation of Pokemon that started in the Kanto Region. There is the fire type Charmander, water type Squirtle, and the grass type Bulbasaur.

What Your Starter Kanto Pokemon Says About You


Charmander, the fire type lizard Pokemon is known to take initiatives in battles, always ready to give a helping hand, and not giving up without putting up a good fight. Charmander is pretty useful for assistance outside of battles such as illuminating dark caves, cutting down trees to open new paths and moving huge boulders.  Unlike most Pokemon, Charmander does a pretty good damage if you know how to utilize his moves like smokescreen, bite and ember. When it comes to game play, the first two gym leaders you battle against have the greater advantage against fire types like Brock’s Pewter city gym, which you will be facing tough rock type Pokemon and of course, Misty, the water type gym leader who has the greater advantage against fire types. Those who chose Charmander are always up for a fight, even when they are at a disadvantage, and use their assets whenever possible.

What Your Starter Kanto Pokemon Says About You


Squirtle, the water type Pokemon. As many who surf the internet have seen, there are memes and fan art about this Pokemon wearing a cool pair of shades, floating about in geeky forums and social media sites. Squirtles are just exactly as we perceive them to be: sassy, a bit unruly, and cool Pokemon. Squirtles are known to be having fun and hanging out with other Pokemon. Also, they are more likely to take on challenges in groups or in style. Squirtle is known to be the most social Pokemon. Those who chose Squirtle know they can rely on the help of their friends when they need them for backup. In the Pokemon games, Squirtles are also pretty high on their defense and special stats when leveling up. When your Squirtle learn moves like leer and bubblebeam, it is more likely able to put up a quick battle against the first gym leader of rock type, one of the types of Pokemon they are weaker against. Those who chose Squirtle are more likely to start off on the wrong side of more serious people, due to their difference in attitudes. Regardless, like how water eventually wears down rock, those who chose Squirtle eventually wear away at the rough exterior of their rougher compatriots.

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What Your Starter Kanto Pokemon Says About You


Last, but not least, we have the grass type Pokemon named Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is known to be one with its surroundings in nature and to make the best judgement possible when things seem to go wrong. The grass type frog Pokemon values its solitude and thinks that having a low social need will keep trouble and other shenanigans at bay. The cute grass type Pokemon may have a tough time building its skill set in its early stages of leveling up while it learns moves that would lower the targets stats. They also have attack moves that can lull the target Pokemon to sleep, poison them, or induce paralysis. Unlike Charmander and Squirtle, Bulbasaur definitely has the greater type advantage against the first two gyms. As for those who chose Bulbasaur, they are also very in tune with nature and instead of fighting by overpowering their opponents, they used their skills to lower the strength of their opponents, be it with words or other means.

What Your Starter Kanto Pokemon Says About You

Many of these Pokemon share an affinity in the way they attack and their stats with those who chose them. If you have any other things that these Pokemon say about who chooses them, comment them below.

Featured Image Source: https://www.deviantart.com/kingofthedededes73/art/Metrocon-2018-Kanto-starter-trio-757879174
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