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What Your Sims Aspiration Is, According To Your Personality

What Your Sims Aspiration Is, According To Your Personality

The Sims games are built on the extreme degree of customization that players can exercise. This covers everything from the world to the motivation of your sims. These motivations, in sims lingo, are called Aspirations and, just as they sound, are the goal that your sims aim to accomplish throughout their lives. Here are a couple of Sims Aspirations that may suit you based on your personality.

Big Happy Family

If you just want to have that perfect family, slice of life gameplay or simply create a backstory that is as relatable as possible then the Family Aspiration has your name written all over it. Maybe you plan to have maxed out your household with many children or just completing their aspirations and maxing out their skills is just enough to keep you satisfied with the game. Also, to change up the gameplay, there’s also in-game challenges that other simmers participate and post on social media just for fun such as the 100 Baby Challenge. You seek nothing more than the simplicity of everyday life and allowing it to take its course and make the best of it until the very end. The possible ways of creating numerous relationships between sims is limitless. Ultimately, the choices and the paths your sims take is yours.

What Your Sims Aspiration Is, According To Your Personality

The Public Enemy

If you thrive on the misery, grudges, destroying relationships and sorrow of people for some odd reason, then the Deviance Aspiration is definitely for you. You can literally do harmless things such as flirting with a neighboring sims spouse to laughing at a deceased sim and having countless enemies. Maybe you might want to make a gang of sims who will love menacing interactions as much as you do. Raining on someone’s parade- just stealing happiness from people is what you live for and in The Sims 4, you can do just that. Sims can also make Voodoo Dolls of other sims and bound them to the dolls for summoning. Yikes! Talk about just the sims literally becoming your minions whose only ingredient is of pure sinister interactions can be bizarre, sometimes funny but will always be evil. Hey, it’s your call.

The Master Vampire

If you’re interested in a bit of Gothic or Victorian styled anything- and also any interest in fantasy books, artwork and gameplay is more of your taste then the Sims 4 Vampires Pack is about as equal to meet your supernatural needs. Additionally, there are pretty cool interactions such as vampiric sparring and draining other sims of their life. You can also create the most fearsome malicious families and make creepy and cool homes for your sims as well. From having the toughest, erratic occult sims into your gameplay to just create sims to thrive for the chaos and mayhem- this aspiration is well suited for you if you want to even create your own dark and grim backstory to your vampire sims.

What Your Sims Aspiration Is, According To Your Personality

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The Strangerville Mystery

If you have strong interests in conspiracy theories, and unsettled thoughts about today’s society, the Strangerville Expansion Pack will definitely suit your interests. The name of the expansion pack and the world speaks for itself. There are many odd things taking place that most of the townspeople are itching to know what’s causing strange events to go into play. Also, the world itself has many quests and shady business involved as well. Just the thought of it may have you distrust your neighbours and peers in the game too.

What Your Sims Aspiration Is, According To Your Personality

Here are a couple of sims Aspirations that may suit you based on your personality. If you guys have any more aspirations in mind, comment them below.

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