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What Your Shoe Color Says About You

What Your Shoe Color Says About You

What Your Shoe Color Says About You

Shoe color is hardly something sacred, but it does say something about you. Most people rotate between a couple pairs of casual footwear, so choose some sneakers that work for you and let’s get started on this color debacle. It’s time to sleuth!

1. Red

Oh red, the color of passion and love. If you have red shoes, it’s likely that your personality is strong enough to bubble right out of you. Whether this manifests in brightly colored T-shirts or an excess of talking, you lean towards being more casual. While you’re lively enough to have a good time, it might take more than a few simple jokes to startle a real laugh out of you. You know your sense of humor better than everyone else, and you are not afraid to cast yourself as the butt of an awesome joke!

What Your Shoe Color Says About You

2. Maroon

Don’t tell me it’s the same. If red means you take it easy, maroon means you don’t take it at all. You’re so laid-back it edges towards inactivity and procrastination. Your hobbies include sleeping, enjoying indie video games, or fantasizing about all of those road trips you and your friends are planning. Take pride in the fact that your sense of style triumphs over that of many others. But don’t be afraid to change up your look! Fashion is fun, and if you enjoy it then it’s definitely something worth pursuing!

3. Blue

So you chose blue shoes. Goodbye jeans, although who are we kidding, you’re gonna be wearing those bad boys again within a week. Your fashion taste may not be your strongest suit, but you’re willing to explore. You also love comfortable clothes and having a good time. You’re the active type, so keep on planning those weekend excursions. Drag your family out to have a good time as your “treat” and don’t keep all that pent up energy trapped inside. Try switching up the colors of your laces from time to time. Nothing speaks towards your individuality more than the small details, after all!

4. White

I admire your courage, I really do. The difference here is whether or not these are your first pair of white shoes or if this is a long-standing trend.

If these are your first pair: Congratulations! Your self-confidence and potential fixation on Korean fashion have led you down a road of googling whether or not toothpaste really bleaches your shoes back to white. You have a preoccupation with fashion, but it doesn’t dominate your entire life. What’s really important in your life are firstly the people in it. As much as you value other things, there’s nothing like the people who are there for you when you need them most.

If these aren’t your first pair: You were interested in fashion, once. But more of the lazy style of wearing a few cute hoodies and calling it a day. Your life is in a state of constant disarray, but it could be worse. Keep on trying those new organizational methods your friends recommend and clean out the old shoes in your closet. Once you might’ve claimed to only save these white ones for special occasions, but with that long gone, you might as well accept the fate of swapping them out in a few months and use em while you can!

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What Your Shoe Color Says About You

5. Black

You know what you did. MCR baby, you like to talk about the first time you heard Panic! on the radio. Punk music, deep geek culture, and webcomic lore on the internet. If none of those apply to you, you’re likely a straight-up fluke who reads tarot cards for laughs on the weekend. You ate at least one bug on a dare as a kid, that’s just the kind of person you are.

What Your Shoe Color Says About You

What shoe color do you wear, and what does it say about you?

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