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What Your Love Life Is Going To Look Like, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Your Love Life Is Going To Look Like, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Approaching your love life and the dating process is process, no matter how old your are. It’s a lengthy process to pinpoint what you exactly want out of a partner or relationship, and you might not find that exact thing. Although zodiac signs don’t tell you everything about yourself or the person you might be interested in, they can provide you with a baseline of their love life and what you can expect to happen or what they might be looking for.

What Your Love Life Is Going To Look Like, According To Your Zodiac Sign


When it comes their love life, an Aries will often act on instinct. When an Aries really cares about a certain person, they will be very open about it and communicate their feelings with that person. They are a very energetic passionate sign and will often shower the person they care about with love and affection. However, this can sometimes cause problems for Aries, as their constant affection can be taken advantage of by someone, or could simply not be reciprocated by the person they care about. 



At the beginning of most new relationships, expect a Taurus to want to move things slowly in their love life. They might take a little bit to truly open their heart up to someone they are interested in since they’re afraid of getting hurt. A Taurus tends to gravitate towards someone who matches their social scene and the basic expectations of their upbringing. This can often be an issue for a Taurus, if they depend on their expectations too much, they can lose sight on what’s really important and miss out on going on new romantic adventures. This could also lead a Taurus to gravitate towards the same type of person, even if they’re not the right person.


A Gemini is seemingly always on a mission to find that long-lasting physical and intellectual chemistry with a person. Gemini strive to find that excitement and passion in their partner and will hold onto those when they find the person that can offer that. However, as most relationships go on, that intense passion and initial butterflies tend to fade ever so slightly, which can become an issue for Gemini. Because of this high expectation for passion, a Gemini could make sudden decisions regarding their love life and leave those who care for them hurt in the process. 


Cancer is one of the more emotional zodiac signs, and feelings are one of the most important things when it comes to their love life and relationships. Cancers tend to gravitate towards reliable people who understand them and won’t stick around for those who flake out on plans. When a Cancer finds that person who connects with them on an emotionally deep level, they become very dedicated and are willing to do a lot to make things work. This can often lead to unhealthy compromises.


What Your Love Life Is Going To Look Like, According To Your Zodiac Sign


A natural leader, Leos are known for wearing the pants in most relationships. They are very loving and generous towards those they love, and they typically take the initiative. Their strong initiative creates a very spontaneous and adventurous relationship. However, their need to pilot the relationship could cause issues for their partner, especially if a Leo oversteps their boundaries. Leos also must be careful to not overshadow the wants and needs of their partner and not let the relationship become too one-sided. 


A Virgo is not easy to crack open, and they will guard their heart unless they find someone they completely trust. Virgos are very shy when it comes to love, and will hardly make bold declarations of their feelings for another person. However, deep, intimate moments with a person a Virgo cares deeply about will allow them to discuss how they truly feel. Virgos prefer a stable, comfortable relationship over something casual, as they depend on finding the one person they can trust and open up to. Once a Virgo finds that person, their partner will be nurtured and cared for consistently.


When approaching their love life, a Libra takes a more traditional approach. Their main goal is to find their forever partner, and once they enter a relationship, they will do whatever it takes to keep it going. While a Libra’s dedication to their partner makes them very dependable, this can also cause them a lot of issues with their emotional health, especially if they’re trying to keep the peace in the relationship. A Libra finds it easy to connect and be vulnerable with a potential partner, whether they know them well or not.



Possibly the most passionate and sensual sign, Scorpios are all-in for any relationship they’re involved with. Scorpios love the chase and will put a lot of their time and energy into pursuing someone who peaks their interest. They’ll usually go all out for first dates, with fancy outfits and candlelit dinners. Despite their goal to find that lifetime partner, Scorpios keep their heart and emotions guarded unless they are certain their partner is in it for the long haul. 

What Your Love Life Is Going To Look Like, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to their love life, a Sagittarius can go one of two ways. As a free spirit, a Sagittarius doesn’t take issue with one night stands or casual relationships. They don’t like feeling tied down or trapped in a relationship they aren’t completely invested in, and they won’t hesitate to be honest about it and move on. This can lead to a Sagittarius hurting someone who really loves and cares for them if the feeling is not mutual. However, when a Sagittarius finds a person who keeps life exciting and filled with adventure, they will stay loyal and committed.


The sensitive Capricorn is another sign who tends to hide their emotions. It might take a long time for a Capricorn to open up to someone they care about, which can cause issues in their relationships. They tend to approach relationships with a set of expectations, whether they follow the traditional dating norms or rules they created themselves. Capricorns will be sure to dedicate time to spend with their partner and are not afraid to work through issues. Finally, a Capricorn is very self-aware and will not stick with a relationship that doesn’t feel right.


Like Sagittarius, an Aquarius doesn’t like feeling trapped in a relationship, and therefore can be a bit skittish when it comes to commitment. An Aquarius is typically fine functioning in a “friends with benefits” situation, which helps them take care of their sexual desires while maintaining their independence. When an Aquarius decides to settle down into a relationship, they still aim to maintain independence for themselves and their partner, approaching love in a more pragmatic sense. 



A relationship with a Pisces will turn into a roller coaster, as they often come across as clingy. However this is not necessarily the case. Although they go all-in on relationships and expect a reciprocated effort from their partner, they still value independence for themselves and their partner. A Pisces will always find ways to push their partner to become the best version of themselves. The level of effort a Pisces demands from their partner can sometimes drive them away, leading to many short relationships.

What Your Love Life Is Going To Look Like, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Although there are positives and red flags for each zodiac sign when it comes to love, take these descriptions with a grain of salt. People are not defined by their zodiac signs and might not fit these descriptions entirely. When approaching love, get to know the person for who they are and avoid making assumptions.