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What Your Love Language Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Your Love Language Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A persons love language depends on a lot of things, and a zodiac sign has a lot to do with it. Here's what each star sign's love language says about them.

Everyone has a different way of loving their significant other. Sometimes the answer to love rests in the stars, even the ones we are born under. So learn what your love language is based on your zodiac sign.

Water Signs

Born with a vast understanding of the complexity of human emotions, water signs can quickly pick up on their partner’s moods. Equipped with the love of knowledge and conversation these signs love to create intimate bonds deeper than surface illusions.

Cancer: You fall under acts of service. You love doing something that they would like be it a simple home-cooked meal or creating a relaxing bubble bath after a hard day. Even if the act is small, they will know that your love for them is overflowing.

Scorpio: You fall under quality time. You lend a loving hear to listen to your significant other. With you, they can bare their hearts out and know they won’t be judged for it.

Pisces: You fall under words of affirmation. You build your partner up when the world wants to tear them down.

Fire Signs

Born within the flames of passion these signs burn with creativity and inspiration. These signs love language speaks within their bodies and captures the hearts of their lovers with their compassionate hearts. Don’t be fooled, however, these pretty faces look for everlasting bonds, not temporary fixes.

Aries: You fall under the physical touch. You love to explore your partner through lovemaking, seeing them for who they are not the ideal of them. As you explore each other for hours, your hearts will connect until your not sure where one begins and another ends.

Sagittarius: You fall under gifts. No price tag is too much when it comes to your partner. Putting plans to action you whisk your partner to a dreamy getaway or even deliver an epic staycation. Either way, your partner will be moved.

Leo: You fall under the words of affirmation. Your lion mane rises in pride when others praise you, complimenting hard earned work. However, you like to return the favor in showering your partner in compliments and highlighting their best qualities. You lift them spirts, and they will forever love you for it.

Earth Signs

Born with an inner balance these signs connect to the roots of family and tradition. They love wholly and expect nothing in return. However, don’t take these signs for granted because their love transcends even time.

Taurus: You fall under acts of service. You love to harvest your crop of love and share it with your loved one. They will love the simplicity and beauty of the way you love them.

Virgo: You fall under quality time. Your love is quiet and hard earned, as your sign is one of the hardest to get to know. Spending time with your loved one ensures stability and deeper knowledge on who you both are. This helps them to see past the walls you put up, and they fall even deeper in love with you.

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Capricorn: You fall under quality time. You are independent and always on the move. It can be hard to quiet the noise of the outside world, but for your significant other the outside is shut away. They love when you give your undivided attention to them, allowing them to unwind and tell you about their days.

Air Signs

Born in the winds of love these signs strike true in every relationship they hold. Their love language of advice and social gatherings allow for different insights to be held.

Gemini: You fall under the physical touch. Curious to learn all about your partner, your quick to move past layers of hiding until you strike the truth. Given time you will learn the map of their stories, and both of you will build a bond like no other.

Libra: You fall under quality time. You love spending the day with your partner. Either it being long walks at the park, or even having breakfast with each other.  You two cannot bear being apart for too long.

Aquarius: You fall under acts of service. You love to wine and dine your loved one. Showing them that you care, even if your day was hard makes them fall even harder for you. They look at you as their future partner in life and death do you part.

A love language can help tell us how we love the ones in our lives, but also teach us about ourselves. Each different than the last. So, based on your sign what’s yours?

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