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What Your Instagram Aesthetic Says About You

What Your Instagram Aesthetic Says About You

Instagram aesthetic is about so much more than just taking photos, it's about organization as well. Here are 6 aesthetics and what they say about you.

When navigating through the world of social media, especially Instagram, you may notice that some people have a certain aesthetic running through their feed. Besides having a specific theme such as food, fashion, portraits, landscapes, etc., Instagrammers often create a cohesive color/lighting aesthetic in their posts. This can be seen through various photo edits and filters that are used in the pictures that they post. It has been known that the colors that people are drawn to can say a lot about a person and their personality, such as brighter more saturated colors can mean that a person is more extroverted while softer, cooler tones can mean that a person is more introverted. With this correlation of color and Instagram posts in mind, keep scrolling to see what your Instagram aesthetic says about you.

White and Bright

If you increase the exposure and add a slight contrast to your photos to make your Instagram aesthetic white and bright, your feed resembles the classy and trendy side of your personality. You have a great sense of style and have the perfect eye for color coordination. You are the type of person who can make any simple outfit look expensive. You enjoy the simple things in life and know how to use it to your advantage. The brightness of your feed also resembles  your lightheartedness and effortlessness when it comes to life.

What Your Instagram Aesthetic Says About You

Dark and Moody

Is your Instagram aesthetic a bit on the darker side? Increased vignette and features of dramatic lighting? Based on your Instagram aesthetic, you may portray a mysterious quality. You have a knack for dramatization, often seeing things in a spotlight. You often narrow your focus on certain issues rather than looking at the whole picture, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It displays your ambition, showing that once you put your mind to something, nothing will stop you until you achieve it.


If your Instagram aesthetic is filled with warm colors and tones of sepia, you have a very inviting personality. People are often drawn to you and feel comfort in your presence. Everything feels familiar and people feel as if they can open up to you. The warm tones in your pictures translate to your warm personality. You are kind, caring and calming. You’re the type of person that people can always rely on, there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or are someone to give good advice.

What Your Instagram Aesthetic Says About You


Are the pictures you post on the cooler side? If so, you may be more of an introvert. Although you enjoy hanging out with friends, you usually prefer alone time, which provides you with the much needed time to pursue your own interests. The soft coolness of your pictures also represents a light distanced vibe that relates to your collective focus on your personal needs. Like the cool tones that are depicted in your pictures, you also enjoy the sharp, clean and straightforward aspects of life. You like it simple and clear.

What Your Instagram Aesthetic Says About You

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Colorful and Vibrant

Like your feed, you have a vibrant and colorful personality. You are a melting pot of different personalities and can easily fit in with any environment you are put in. You exude happiness and kindness to everyone you meet. You are also very outgoing and sociable, which makes your peppy and positive personality even more contagious. People can always rely on you to bring up the mood and brighten anyone’s day.

No theme

Don’t have a theme? Don’t worry about it! Your feed is completely unique and genuine just like you. You are completely authentic and people can easily relate and empathize with you. Along with this, you are also independent, following your own path in life. You are a leader not a follower. You don’t care what people think of you and kind of just do your own thing, not sweating the small stuff.

You often tell it like it is and are 100 percent no bullshit. You enjoy the rawness of life and you pretty much just go with the flow. Because of this, people can always turn to you when they want to do something spontaneous. They enjoy your candidness, flexibility and sincerity.

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