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What Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Says About You

What Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Says About You

Marvel has a rich tapestry of heroes and stories that can manage to reach any reader and connect with them to their core. It is common to have the same favorite superhero as someone else, and when you discuss the reasons why they appeal to you so much, you may share the same reason. Here are some of the most popular Marvel superheroes and what they may say about you.

Captain America

Captain America is a patriot, but more than that, he is a paragon. He believes in the ideals of the human person instead of loyalty to a failing order. As seen in multiple kinds of mediums, Captain America is defined by his simplistic views concerning his actions. If an act is wrong, it should not be done, and if it is right, it should be done with diligence and honor. If Captain America is your favorite superhero, then you may also agree with his ideals. When something is wrong, you see it as your duty to oppose it without the worry of the consequences, and when you see the chance to do the right thing, you desire to do it without worry or reward. As a soldier, Captain America represents not fanatic loyalty to a country, but the sacrifice required by soldiers to fight for others, no matter their color, creed, or nationality.

What Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Says About You


Thor is a Norse god, but he is also a champion for his people. It is common in his backstory that he lost his powers due to pride and arrogance, redeemed himself, and fights for others instead of for recognition. In Thor’s character, the idea of growth is instrumental. He, though Prince of Asgard, does not believe himself better, but instead admires the power of humanity, though frailer and weaker, and in this admiration shows his humility. If Thor is your favorite Marvel Character, then you might also admire the quality of humility in your heroes and in people. What makes someone great is not strength, but their intentions and if they are pure, like Thor’s, then you might also admire them as well.

What Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Says About You

Iron Man

Iron Man may be the name many Marvel fans associate with the hero, but true fans see Tony Stark as the real hero. Tony Stark does not possess, in his true and original character, any superhuman abilities. Even though he may be much smarter than the average person, he is still limited by the human limits of health, sustenance, and physical exertion. If Tony Stark is your favorite Marvel Character, then you admire the innate human potential for great intellect. Tony Stark has battled gods, monsters, and addiction and has always used his intellect and wit. From these talents, Tony Stark truly becomes Iron Man and, in doing so, shows that human by themselves are capable of much better things that may seem impossible.

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What Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Says About You


The moniker of Spider-Man has been carried by many people across many Marvel superheroes, but the most popular two are Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The Spider-Man mask has been carried by the downtrodden and the abused. In Peter Parker’s case, his intellect was the source of his bullying and disrespect from the jock Flash Thompson. As Spider-Man, Peter Parker embodied the strength of character that comes from being hurt first hand. As times change, so to did the Spider-Man identity. Though Peter Parker is still Spider-Man, Miles Morales continues the source of Spider-Man’s popularity. Now, as a half-Hispanic half-African American youth, Miles Morales has to contend with being racially profiled and subject to the fear of school shootings. Nevertheless, if Spider-Man is your favorite Marvel superhero, then you probably admire the humor and strength that comes from being the one that is scorned.

What Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Says About You

Here are the most well known Marvel superheroes and what they may say about your character and interest. If you have any more superhero character dissection, please share them by commenting below!

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