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What Your Dream Travel Destination Says About Your Personality

What Your Dream Travel Destination Says About Your Personality

What Your Dream Travel Destination Says About Your Personality

Exploring your dream travel destinations, is sure to be on your bucket list of things to achieve within your lifetime, because travelling is not only a life changing experience-it’s the greatest knowledge a person can actively attain. However, did you know that whatever your dream travel destinations are, they are sure to reveal greatly as to what personality traits you have! Wondering if you are an old romantic soul, or a hard core adrenaline junkie? Read more to find out….

1. Parisian lovers

If this city has always been your dream travel destination; to emerge yourself in the city of love, then romance and poetic literature mulls within your soul. Late evening dinners with wine and walks across the Pont de la Tournelle canal will place you right within your element. Not to mention a balcony view to share with your lover, and to witness the Eiffel tower light up the night sky horizon. The passion that surges when you embrace the art and architecture of the louvre and surrounding city buildings, will all be kindled and reawaken like never before. Paris truly will be the next greatest love affair of your life, and as the great writer Gertrude Stein says “America is my country, and Paris is my home town.”

2. Bali Introverts

Always dreamed to loose yourself in the quaint lands of Bali; wandering endlessly upon the mountains of Agung, or submersing yourself in the green forests of Ubud? Introverted souls would relate massively to this dream travel destination, as this place as a whole silently whispers peace and solitude. When you contemplate travel, you loose yourself in this place, by the thought of mindful healing and recuperation of the soul. Yoga, hiking and the breeze combing through your strands of hair, sounds just about right.

What Your Dream Travel Destination Says About Your Personality

3. Tokyo Extroverts

Does constant social interaction and a Tokyo city that never sleeps appeal to you? Then you are a social bee and highly extroverted! This dream travel destination is for those who seek to conquer the nightlife and navigate through the neon lit streets of Kabukicho, Shinjuku. You are a fearless individual who has no problem with familiarising themselves with local culture and the native inhabitants. You face new unknown experiences with enthusiasm and eagerness to make new acquaintances. Tokyo will be that city where memories and culture will complete that urge you was always seeking!

What Your Dream Travel Destination Says About Your Personality

4. Canadian Adventurer

When you think of dream travel destination, does the rocky mountains, Kayaking along the Moraine lake and masses of pine tree forests, thrill that adventurer within you? Then you should already know, you are the ultimate adrenaline junkie! No challenge is big enough, to feed your appetite for the unknown. Anything that gets your heart racing and blood pumping is where you like to be. Adventure awaits, and you are ready to seize every awaiting opportunity….

What Your Dream Travel Destination Says About Your Personality

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5. Greek Intellect

When you plan your dream travel destinations, does museums, immersed guided tours around Athens Acropolis to contemplate amongst the relics and civilisations of old excite you? Then you are an intellect and lover of knowledge. Every day is a wake moment for you to experience and captivate yourself in newly sought information. You see life as a journey to improve the being that existed yesterday and you are thankful for every lived moment- so your travels say no different!

What Your Dream Travel Destination Says About Your Personality

Dream travel destinations reflect our inner thoughts and characteristic traits because they are chosen for the moments where we are not obligated to preform or act in a certain way i.e. employment responsibilities etc. So, next time you decide to travel- reflect on your choices, and witness your inner wanderlust soul exposing itself to the world.

Could you relate with the following description amongst these iconic places? If so, share and comment which of the personality traits you most resonate to!

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