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What Your Dorm Room Decor Says About You

A person’s choice of dorm room decor tells us a lot about who they are–from their personal aesthetics to their studying habits, the way you choose to decorate your living space leaves a big impression on anyone who comes to visit. Whether you choose to hang up bright and flashy posters or like to keeps your walls clean and minimal, your decor is a great opportunity to showcase your personality in a big way. For those of you curious about what your room decor says about you, here’s our opinion of what your dorm room decor says about you!

1. Tapestries

If your dorm room decor of choice is tapestries, you’re definitely someone who’s into crystals, gemstones, and astrological signs. You also have at least one deck of tarot cards that you use at every opportunity. Whenever your friends are having problems, you always know how to link it back to mercury being in retrograde, and relationship problems always stem from incompatibility in zodiac signs. 

You also have some amazingly cool stories that people always ask you about, from meeting some random celebrity at a 7eleven to climbing Mount Fuji when you studied abroad sophomore year. Also, you have one incredible recipe that you bring to every hangout – most likely a dip that is completely gone within the hour. 

2. Indie Movie/Band Posters

If indie movie or band posters make up your dorm room decor, you’re probably an e-girl who was (is) madly in love with Panic! At the Disco, Fallout Boy, The Plain White Tees, or My Chemical Romance. You think of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction as aesthetic goals and definitely dressed up for her for Halloween at least once. 

Your makeup skills are fine-tuned and on point, and you don’t know how to go out without doing a full face beat. Also, your meme game is killer – you always send the best memes to the group chat. 

3. Recycled Objects Art Wall

If your dorm room decor is full of recycled art that you made out of old vinyl records, broken mirrors, stolen street signs, etc., you have seen every weird YouTube video and Netflix movie out there – I’m talking about “Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart” and “Emo the Musical” random. You show them to all your friends and love the weird looks and “what am I watching” that they bring out. 

You were probably a dancer at one point – mainly ballet or tap or something classical–and you love quinoa. Also, you love art and retain all the interesting facts you learned about famous artists and art symbolism that you learned in your Art History class. You also probably love to make those microwaveable cakes in a mug (although they never turn out like you want them to). 

4. Inspirational Posters

For those who love inspirational posters and choose them as their dorm room decor, you are the mom friend/house mom no matter where you go. You also always volunteer to be the DD so you can make sure your friends get home safe. You bake amazing cookies and desserts, and Audrey Hepburn is your queen. 

You wear sweatpants or leggings on casual days, but when you need to dress up you go straight to the comfy babydoll dress (most likely in a pastel color) and a denim jacket. Your nails are always cleanly shaped and nicely painted. 

5. Personal Photos and Fairy Lights

If you go for the personal photo boards and fairy lights for your dorm room decor, your love language is gifts or acts of service. You always know exactly what your friends want to eat from any restaurant and will bring it to them when they’re having a rough day. You are extremely loyal, so even though your calm and laid back most of the time, you will go mama bear for your friends. 

You love dogs and Mexican food (especially Chipotle), and you make the best mellow playlists. You also have one really incredible talent, whether it’s playing the violin or being able to touch your toes to your head. 

6. Minimalist Aesthetic

If you love a good minimalist aesthetic for your dorm room decor, you are super organized and always on time (usually 10 minutes early). You carry your MacBook wherever you go, and you’re never caught without your planner (which is color-coded and meticulously checked). You are undoubtedly a Ravenclaw, and would probably have chosen Candor as your faction if you were in “Divergent.” 

You are incredibly honest, which some people don’t like but your friends appreciate, and you never hide what you’re feeling. You’re probably a Business or Communications major. You always make are you have a pair of clean white Nike’s and black flats in your closet. 

7. Shelves and Collectibles

If you choose to fill your dorm room with shelves of collectibles, you are super detail-oriented and pay close attention to all the little things you see because you never know what will become important later. You’re pretty quiet and reserved when you first meet people, but once you open up you become an energetic firecracker. You have the best television recommendations, so your friends always come to you when they don’t know what to watch. 

You will get into genuine fights over your ships and favorite characters, and you call adult men (like Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston) baby. You definitely have a Tumblr you still use regularly. 

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8. Plants and Plant Art

If your dorm room decor is full of plants and plant art, you are a Hufflepuff. You may have been a Ravenclaw at one point, but you’re definitely now a Hufflepuff. Your favorite color is either yellow or green. You have an incredibly calming personality and embrace the full cottage core aesthetic. 

You have at least six succulents within eyesight right now, and you are no longer allowed to go into the flower nursery at Lowe’s. You are either a really amazing artist or a fantastic writer, but you don’t tell a lot of people as it is just something you do to calm your nerves. 

9. Vintage Posters

If your dorm room decor is made up of a bunch of vintage posters you bought from antique stores or Hobby Lobby, you are a coffee enthusiast with an ever-growing coffee mug collection. You have a very classic sense of style, so white t-shirts, knit cardigans, and a good pair of jeans are your go-to outfit.

Your friends would call you sassy, but you also give the best advice so they always come to you with their problems. You have always wanted to go to Paris, and consider it to be your dream home so you can eat fresh baked goods next to the River Seine. You always have the best book recommendations. 

10. Collage Walls

If your dorm room decor is a collage wall made from pictures of your favorite shows and movies, you probably had an anime phase in middle school that has come back in your twenties. You have mastered doing your eyebrows and drawing the perfect cat-eye. You are also probably super detail-oriented and meticulously chose your collage wall photos based on characters or scenes that hold special, sentimental meaning to you. 

You were probably a “gifted” kid growing up who is now experiencing burnout and you’re not really sure what you want to do in the future. Luckily, you have a really supportive group of friends who are always there for you and help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Have any other dorm room decor aesthetics and thoughts about what they say about the people who choose them? Share your opinions in the comments!

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Draven Jackson

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