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What Your College Major Should Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign

With so many options to choose from, it can be quite difficult to decide what your college major should be. If you’re looking for a sign, look no further because your zodiac sign is here to help! If you believe in astrology as much as I do,  turn to the stars for some answers. Read on to find out what your college major should be based on your zodiac sign! 

1. Aries: Criminal Justice or Business

As a fire sign, Aries hold characteristics such as passion, energy, and independence. Being a Criminal Justice major is ideal for courageous people like you. You’re not afraid to take risks and are natural-born leaders. You’re also able to come up with great ideas quickly and love being your own boss. Being a Business major would also fit your personality because you have the natural drive and energy in order to be an entrepreneur. 

2. Taurus: Accounting or Architecture

Those born in Taurus season are truly the best when it comes to handling money. Use those money skills as an Accounting major!  You also have a creative and structured mentality that would be great for designing buildings. Being an Architect major would give you the ability to explore that creativity and bring it to life. Your patience and hard-working attitude will make you successful in either area.

3. Gemini: Communications or Theater

Boy, do Gemini’s like to talk! Am I right? Geminis are amazing at keeping a conversation going and feed off of other people’s energy. Channel your social skills and ability to connect with others by becoming a Communications major. You can also play into the “two-face” stereotype that Geminis are usually associated with by being a Theater major. Your dual personality would make you a great actor!

4. Cancer: Psychology or Sociology

We all know how sensitive Cancers are, but that isn’t always a bad thing! Your ability to empathize with others would make you a great Psychology or Sociology major. Your biggest trait is being able to nurture and help people. Family and friends are able to count on you when they need to be taken care of. Use your sentimental personality to make a change in someone’s life by becoming a counselor or social worker. 

5. Leo: Theater or Political Science

You love being in the spotlight! Being a theater major is perfect for Leos because you’re confident and able to easily attract people towards you. If theater isn’t for you, then maybe a major in Political Science will best fit your personality since you’re a natural-born leader and are able to convince people to see things your way. Barack Obama is a Leo, so maybe you can even take the role as President one day!

6. Virgo: Engineering or Economics

You love hard work and are an extreme perfectionist. A college major such as Engineering would be a great choice for Virgos because it requires intelligence and attention to detail. Plus, you wouldn’t be afraid of the heavy workload associated with engineering. Because you’re such a perfectionist, a college major in Economics is also ideal for Virgos. Your ability to memorize and be precise, along with your analytical skills, are great characteristics when it comes to interpreting data and numbers. 

7. Libra: Pre-Law or Philosophy

Libras are represented by the scale which indicates justice, balance, and harmony. You’re able to see all sides to each story which is why Libras make great lawyers. Having a major in Pre-Law is a wonderful choice for Libras because you know how to be unbiased since you’re all about balance. A college major in Philosophy will also allow you to explore your thirst for knowledge and use your ability in considering other people’s perspectives. Swapping opinions and conversations about the nature of human existence with your fellow classmates will surely make you excited for class!

8. Scorpio: Pre-Med or Business

Because you’re able to think on your feet and are great in a crisis, a major in Pre-Med might be ideal for you. You’re motivated by power and financial stability, so becoming a doctor would be a great career choice especially since Scorpios are a body-conscious sign. If going to medical school isn’t your cup of tea, a major in Business is also ideal for Scorpios. As stated, you love power and thrive in competition, so being your own boss and competing to have the best business is right up your alley. 

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9. Sagittarius: International Studies or Psychology

Out of all zodiac signs, Sagittarius people are the biggest travelers and some of the most curious people out there. You love to learn about different cultures and have a bucket list of places you need to visit before you die. You’re also super interested in the meaning of life and use traveling to help you search for it. Having a major in International Studies is perfect for your open-minded personality. Also, because you’re such a curious cat and love learning about how people work, Psychology is another excellent college major for you!

10. Capricorn: Any STEM Major

Because you’re the kind of student that actually enjoys studying and doesn’t mind a heavy workload, a major in any STEM field would be an exceptional fit for you. Your dedication and attention to detail will help you succeed in any of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics areas. You’re also highly intelligent and well-organized which is ideal for STEM majors. You guys are just so smart; you’d succeed at anything, really. 

11. Aquarius: Sociology or Astronomy

As an Aquarius, you love to give. You are one of the most generous zodiac signs and have a knack for helping people. These traits are perfect for a major in Sociology. As a Sociology major, you can venture into social work where you can make a huge impact on people’s lives. You can also go the completely different route and be an Astronomy major. Many Aquarians are interested in space and have an enormous imagination. This college major would give you the opportunity to explore the wonders of the unknown, a concept that is very worthy to an Aquarian.

12. Pisces: Education or Art

Pisces have a thirst for knowledge and are often associated with having a very approachable presence. Because of this, being an Education major may be your perfect field of study. Your compassionate personality and willingness to help others are great characteristics to become a teacher. You also have one of the most vivid imaginations out of all the signs, so a college major in Art is an excellent choice for a Pisces. Your ability to be patient and creative will allow you to express yourself immensely as an Art major. 

Choosing the right major can be tough, but we hope this list of college majors based on your zodiac sign helped narrow down your options! Let us know in the comments what your sign and major are!

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